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Oct 2017
PHILIPPINES 10:43am, Oct 30, 2017
Overkill? Some locals question Marawi shelling

MARAWI CITY, Philippines – With this city won back from pro-ISIS fighters, military troops have begun their gradual exit, allowing civilian officials and journalists to enter the blockaded central ...

Jul 2017
PHILIPPINES 08:35am, Jul 31, 2017
Police 'dumping bodies' of drug war victims

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine fishermen have revealed that they have been dumping bodies of victims from the country's so-called war on drugs for the past year on the orders of the police. The ...

Jun 2017
ENVIRONMENT 09:00am, Jun 29, 2017
As Trump ditches Paris, California leads on environment

On June 6, Governor Jerry Brown of California sat down in an elegantly decorated room in the Great Hall of the People to meet with President Xi Jinping of China. The imposing building on the western ...

Apr 2017
AFRICA 12:34pm, Apr 16, 2017
Father of Chibok girls, 3 years on: 'I lost my peace'

ABUJA, Nigeria – Enoch Mark shuffles along the main corridor in his apartment in a busy neighbourhood in the Nigerian capital. He walks with a slight limp and has a stiff upper lip after a massive ...

U.S. & CANADA 08:00am, Apr 03, 2017
Undocumented Asian Americans struggle in silence

LOS ANGELES, USA – What differentiates undocumented Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander origin from other undocumented communities are also the reasons for their resounding silence as they're ...

Feb 2017
MIDDLE EAST 09:43am, Feb 28, 2017
Syria's war: 'Hope is all I have'

ISTANBUL, Turkey – The metal detector beeped loudly, prompting a group of security guards to converge around Mohammad Kaddour as he attempted to enter a shopping mall in Istanbul's Uskudar ...

PHILIPPINES 02:00pm, Feb 19, 2017
Children and Duterte's drug war: Lessons from the past

MANILA, Philippines – Jose flipped 3 coins into the air when two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire. They shot the 15-year-old suspected drug user 7 times. The boy hit the ground, along with the ...

ASIA PACIFIC 11:29am, Feb 19, 2017
Politicians push for stricter Islamic law in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A massive rally in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Saturday, February 18, in support of proposals to allow Islamic courts to impose more severe punishments has raised fears of ...

U.S. & CANADA 11:00am, Feb 16, 2017
What happens during a deportation raid in the U.S.?

LOS ANGELES, USA – It usually begins with a startling knock at the door before dawn. Most people in Los Angeles are asleep at around 4 or 5am. But in the undocumented community, many are already ...

EUROPE 03:41pm, Feb 14, 2017
Justice for Theo: In France, 'police abuse is an everyday thing'

PARIS, France - Youssuf Seck delivered an account of his first run-in with the French police in a calm and detached demeanour that belied what he described. A teenager in the 1990s, Seck had just ...