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Bea joined Rappler in 2012 first as a social media producer and, later, as a news reporter. She’s covered protests, botched police operations, presidential campaigns, and the House of Representatives. She is currently the site’s life and style and entertainment editor.

Jul 2020
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 10:27pm, Jul 10, 2020
After House vote vs ABS-CBN, Angel Locsin's appeal: 'Now is not the time to stay silent'

MANILA, Philippines – Angel Locsin, perhaps more than the average Filipino, knows a thing or two about being a hero. She's played the iconic Darna, one of the most recognizable Filipino ...

Jun 2020
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 03:54pm, Jun 01, 2020
'Priceless investment': Why PH telco Smart tapped Hyun Bin for new campaign

MANILA, Philippines – In a country where the latest K-drama isn't just a novelty but a national obsession, it only made sense for Smart, one of two major telecommunication networks, to tap South ...

May 2020
ARTS & CULTURE 08:11am, May 22, 2020
While on lockdown, Ayala Museum goes online – and on Animal Crossing

MANILA, Philippines – It was a strange thing to do in the middle of a pandemic – fix one’s things, put on a Filipiniana outfit, and wait anxiously at the airport a full 30 minutes before a scheduled ...

WELLNESS 10:01pm, May 15, 2020
Where to get contact lenses, prescription glasses in Metro Manila during lockdown

MANILA, Philippines – If there's one convenience that we (or, I) took for granted until the coronavirus lockdown put a halt to retail as we know it, it's the ease of buying prescription glasses and ...

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 08:55pm, May 13, 2020
Kathryn Bernardo on ABS-CBN shutdown: ‘Ang choice, 'di lang dapat sa may pera’

MANILA, Philippines – It took her over a week to speak up but when she did, actress Kathryn Bernardo left no stone unturned when she discussed, for the first time, a government order that forced ...

Apr 2020
FAMILY 01:57pm, Apr 10, 2020
This learning center in the Philippines taps free Facebook messenger for distance learning

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook messenger is, for better or worse, a standard in any smartphone in the Philippines. It’s a free and easy means to stay in touch with loved ones or even get the news, ...

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 12:27pm, Apr 02, 2020
What your fave stars said about gov't coronavirus response

MANILA, Philippines – April 1, 2020 was a rollercoaster of a day for most Filipinos, the majority of whom are cooped up at home as different parts of the country remain under lockdown to prevent ...

Mar 2020
PHILIPPINES 01:09am, Mar 17, 2020
Duque says enough ambulances, as mass transpo shuts down in Luzon

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines' health secretary said on Monday, March 16, that there are enough ambulances in hospitals to respond to medical emergencies as mass transportation in Luzon is ...

PHILIPPINES 12:33am, Mar 17, 2020
LGUs to figure out how health workers will go to work during Luzon quarantine

MANILA, Philippines – With all forms of public transportation in Luzon suspended and an "enhanced community quarantine" in place, national government said on Monday, March 16, that it will be up to ...

PHILIPPINES 07:50am, Mar 15, 2020
Coronavirus lockdown: Metro Manila to Cainta, from one quarantine to another

MANILA, Philippines – At most boundaries surrounding Metro Manila, crossing from one city to another means leaving a quarantined area and moving into a space where movement is generally unrestricted ...