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Chay is head of Rappler's Investigative Desk – Newsbreak – and is in charge of training. Before joining Rappler, she was a contributing writer of Newsbreak Magazine and was one of its founding editors. She has written extensively on media issues and authored the book, "News for Sale: The Corruption and Commercialization of the Philippine Media (2004)," published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. A philosophy major in college, she was drawn to journalism because it allowed her to write about stories that had the potential to make a difference.

She co-wrote with Miriam Grace Go the top-selling book on the 2010 Philippine presidential elections, "Ambition Destiny Victory: Stories from a Presidential Election (2011)." She has been the recipient of awards from the Jaime V Ongpin Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Former director of the Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo, Chay also teaches Media Ethics at the graduate level, News Writing, and Investigative Journalism at the undergraduate level. She obtained her graduate degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism in New York.

In her spare time, Chay goes to the gym to run and lift some weights. When she had more time, she used to regularly attend yoga classes until injuries got in the way. In her next life, she aspires to be a yoga teacher whose only remaining vice is coffee.

Jul 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 07:12pm, Jul 09, 2020
Are you a terrorist?

A daring ambush was staged late Tuesday morning, July 7, on Quirino Avenue in Manila. The target? Manila’s chief inquest prosecutor, 62-year-old Jovencio Senados, whose attackers appeared dead set on ...

Jun 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 05:24pm, Jun 12, 2020
The danger before us

It’s June and the country is celebrating its 122th year of independence. Ironically, large swathes of the Philippines are still under quarantine, with Filipinos still locked up in their homes, many ...

May 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 06:00pm, May 07, 2020
4 lessons from #NoToABSCBNShutdown

Are you angry or upset over the closure of ABS-CBN? I am. Because only a government as brazen, calculating, and opportunistic as the current one would do this at the height of a pandemic ...

Apr 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 04:47pm, Apr 10, 2020
Living in a pandemic world

How have you been doing? Not too badly, I hope, during this pandemic scourge. If it’s any consolation, like you, I, too, am locked up at home, connected to the rest of the world and to you only ...

Mar 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 10:00pm, Mar 12, 2020
We need leadership, sanity during crisis

By this time, you might be maxed out by the coronavirus, with stories about it and COVID-19 already spilling out of your ears. We’ve been through countless crises as if this country were a magnet for ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 02:00pm, Mar 04, 2020
Lunacy in our midst

Beware the Ides of March. We haven’t quite gotten to March 15, yet a 10-hour hostage-taking drama in the Greenhills area disturbed our normally more serene Monday. Greenhills is a popular go-to place ...

Feb 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 03:00pm, Feb 26, 2020
The significance of February 25, 1986

February 1986 was a good 34 years ago on Tuesday. I remember very vividly the tanks that rolled out on EDSA and the multitudes that blocked them – nuns, novices, seminarians, priests, ordinary folks ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 10:37am, Feb 20, 2020
Duterte’s tainted list, Calida’s gag order

The dreaded and infamous Duterte drug list has claimed a recent but unlikely victim in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Jovie Espenido, a loyal follower of the President who has delivered in terms of ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 07:59pm, Feb 12, 2020
Quo what, again?

Quo warranto. That sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Remember it was used as what seemed like a brilliant legal strategy then by the SolGen, short for Solicitor-General, Jose Calida. His target: ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 02:36pm, Feb 06, 2020

If you missed my newsletter last week, it wasn’t because of a glitch or forgetfulness on my part (although that could happen sometimes). The founders of Rappler took a brief hiatus to attend the ...