Don Kevin Hapal

Kevin is a self-proclaimed heartthrob and devoted worshipper of burgers. His hobbies include writing, graphic designing, filmmaking, binge-watching anime, and finding even more new hobbies.

He is a graduate of AB Communication from the University of Santo Tomas - Legazpi and was an intern for Rappler’s Social Media Team prior to his employment as Social Media Producer and Balikbayan Coordinator.

As Balikbayan Coordinator, Kevin writes stories about overseas Filipino workers and their families. He also does research on social media and online disinformation. He has written investigative and data stories on disinformation campaigns and online propaganda and recently helped produce a documentary on fake news in the Philippines.

Jun 2020
TV 09:52pm, Jun 26, 2020
From dream roles to Philippine destinations, BrightWin answer questions from PH media

MANILA, Philippines – The BrightWin train is far from over. In fact, it's about to go full throttle here in the Philippines, with the hit Thai television series 2gether getting a Filipino-dubbed ...

TV 10:00pm, Jun 20, 2020
'Mayon Volcano' trends after 2gether’s BrightWin holds first global fanmeet

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino Twitterverse erupt with photos of the Mayon Volcano after a surprise plug in the first online global fanmeet of one of the most popular Thai love teams, BrightWin. It ...

IN-DEPTH 07:18pm, Jun 16, 2020
Propaganda machine meets its match: Celebrity fandoms

After the country’s largest television network was forced to shut down by the Philippine government, supporters of the administration were on double duty to fend off the online backlash. Taking from ...

May 2020
TV 07:30pm, May 15, 2020
SarawaTine helped keep myself '2gether' during the lockdown

First off, a disclaimer: I'm not a show critic. The last time I’ve ever written about fiction was in 2018 for the gay film Love, Simon and I can hardly call that a review. When my editor asked me ...

Mar 2020
IN-DEPTH 11:39pm, Mar 22, 2020
IN CHARTS: PH lags behind other countries in COVID-19 testing

MANILA, Philippines – The coronavirus disease, COVID-19, may prove to be our generation’s biggest public health crisis, bringing the world to its knees in just three months. Starting with an ...

Dec 2019
INVESTIGATIVE 09:55pm, Dec 02, 2019
Government offensive: Info operations attack media to manage SEA Games PR crisis

MANILA, Philippines – A week-long case study captured by Rappler shows how information operations turn a potential disaster for the Philippine government's handling of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA ...

Sep 2019
SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT 08:11pm, Sep 19, 2019
Citizen wish list for Metro mayors: Fix traffic, lower cost of living

MANILA, Philippines – Metro Manila represents the best and the worst of the Philippines. While it is the country's seat of power, both economically and politically, it is also a stark symbol ...

Jun 2019
MOVEPH 01:03pm, Jun 25, 2019
How gay seafarer Dyosa Makinista proved she's 'queen of the seas'

MANILA, Philippines – On their ship, she’s the “queen of the seas” who sits on a literal iron throne. She holds a wrench for a scepter and wears a hard hat for a crown. You’ll see her walking around ...

May 2019
2019 02:36am, May 14, 2019
Pinoys tweet, search about migrating as election results come in

MANILA, Philippines – As polls closed for the 2019 midterm elections on Monday, May 13, Google was abuzz with queries on migrating, data from Google Trends showed. As seen in the graph below, ...

Nov 2018
TV 02:01pm, Nov 17, 2018
5 Lee Jong-suk roles we can't get enough of

With his killer smile and delicate features, it's hard not to admire Korean actor Lee Jong-suk. Seriously, we can just stare at this guy on-screen for hours – he won't even have to do anything! Good ...