Jason Tulio


“Where are you from?” is a fairly straightforward question. But for a third-culture kid like Jason Tulio, it’s an ice-breaker that usually ends in a long-winded explanation of the many countries he is, in fact, “from.”

Born in the Philippines, Jason has also lived an odd number of years in Papua New Guinea and Australia, as well as a brief internship stint in Indonesia. He’s studied in schools from all these countries; he’s written for sports websites in Australia, contributed to publications like FHM and Men’s Health in Metro Manila, and interned for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) in Jakarta.

He is also currently the only male writer and content producer for Rappler’s sales and marketing team. He is the person that the team turns to for that invaluable male, multicultural perspective that makes him such a unique storyteller.

He can tell you what it was like having class suspended because of warring tribesmen. He can give you a detailed explanation on the differences between karate and jiu-jitsu. And he can also express his opinion on vegemite.

Yes, Jason is arguably the very picture of diversity. But beneath the novelty of a life lived in constant transit, the most surprising thing about him is that he’s really just a normal guy.

He’s notorious for cracking corny puns at random moments. He chuckles at his own jokes before he even gets to the end. And he speaks Filipino when spoken to in Filipino.

If you ever come across Jason, or any third-culture offspring for that matter, instead of the usual “Where are you from?” try, “Do you consider yourself Filipino?” To which he would reply, in his muddled Australian accent, “I’m half Bisaya, half Manileño.”

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