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Krista is part of the team that launched BrandRap, Rappler's award-winning section for branded content.

She has been writing and producing professionally since 2009 and her work has appeared on TV, print, radio, and online.

She graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Her thesis, an anthology of short fiction, included two stories that have been published locally.

Her first "real" job was in TV production, where she learned to edit 30-second plugs and create monthly media strategies for a local cable channel. In 2011, she went freelance and became a pioneer writer and segment producer for two lifestyle and fashion-themed shows, Etcetera and ETC HQ. During this stint she also wrote and produced content for various TV commercials, magazines, radio ads, and events.

Apr 2020
FAMILY 08:00am, Apr 22, 2020
Giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic

(Editor's note: The following is an entry from the author's blog. We've republished it – with minor tweaks – with Krista's permission. Visit Krista's blog to learn more about her motherhood ...

Feb 2018
HEALTH AND SELF 12:00am, Feb 12, 2018
Simple tips to refresh your daily routine

MANILA – Philippines – Do you find yourself counting down to the weekend as early as Monday? The French have a word for it: ennui, which translates to a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction. It’s ...

Jan 2018
FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES 12:24pm, Jan 22, 2018
Shifting mindsets, Big Data, and mass personalization in the financial services industry

MANILA, Philippines – In case you haven’t noticed, companies have gotten better at customizing services for each individual client or user. Transport services pick us up right at our doorsteps. ...

#FUTUREREADYPH 10:37am, Jan 18, 2018
The modern educator’s toolkit

MANILA, Philippines – Modern-day educators are looking very different from the glasses-wearing, ruler-wielding, book-toting caricatures we’ve grown to know. They’re carrying significantly less ...

#FUTUREREADYPH 11:22am, Jan 14, 2018
How is education being disrupted by technology?

MANILA, Philippines – In the past 10 years or so, we’ve witnessed a pace of disruption in education that’s unmatched in previous decades. Books, curriculums, and even teachers are rapidly being ...

Dec 2017
TECH AND INNOVATION 11:33am, Dec 21, 2017
What can AI really do for your phone?

MANILA, Philippines – Can you still imagine life without your phone? US consulting firm Deloitte predicts that by 2023, humans will interact with their phones 65 times per day, on average. It’s a ...

FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES 11:26am, Dec 01, 2017
Meet the Filipino company behind this 'secret weapon' for engines

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that the top-selling oil product in Lazada and Blade is a local invention? It’s an oil and metal treatment called Pertua, and it’s actually been around for almost ...

Nov 2017
FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES 07:16am, Nov 30, 2017
Inside ‘The Ark,’ we’re riding into the future of banking

MANILA, Philippines – Inside the country’s first fully digital bank branch, there are no queues, no slips of papers with numbers on them, and most important of all, no bank tellers. Instead, at ...

TECH AND INNOVATION 05:02pm, Nov 20, 2017
With emojis, hugot phrases, even Hangul, people shared how traffic made them feel

MANILA, Philippines – “R.I.P Free Time,” said one bright orange sticker. “Exhausting. Kaiyak.” said another yellow one. And all around these, there were many other circles scrawled with sad-faced ...

TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE 04:11pm, Nov 17, 2017
5 pop culture villains we love to hate

MANILA, Philippines – There’s no Mara without Clara, Snow White without the Evil Queen, or Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader. The kontrabida, or villain, is the reason why ...