Lian Buan

Lian Buan covers the justice beat for Rappler. Before this, she was in England, set to take her Masters in Digital Journalism.

She was a part-time student, part-time call center agent, part-time office clerk, and enjoying it all, but something happened back home.

A protest had broken out in the Philippines following the hero's burial given to the late Ferdinand Marcos, and a bomb had gone off in President Rodrigo Duterte's hometown in Davao City. But instead of being inside a newsroom or out in the field, she was bundled up in a blanket watching BBC's Outnumbered on Netflix. She knew she had to come back.

She is a product of the University of Santo Tomas journalism program. She spent six years in GMA News producing special features for State of the Nation With Jessica Soho, covering community-based issues and policies that exposed her to the struggles of minority groups.

She and a couple of friends created the millennial news magazine to keep the conversation going.

Jul 2020
PHILIPPINES 05:56pm, Jul 13, 2020
8th petition vs anti-terror law attacks 'subjective' definition of terroristic dissent

MANILA, Philippines – Progressive group Sanlakas party list filed on Monday, July 13, the 8th petition against the anti-terror law, focusing its argument on the vagueness and subjectivity of the ...

PHILIPPINES 02:15pm, Jul 13, 2020
Supreme Court hands off in DOJ's stricter drug plea bargain rules

MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court has taken a hands off approach in a legal challenge to the Department of Justice's rules in plea bargaining in drug cases which is stricter than the own ...

PHILIPPINES 08:42pm, Jul 11, 2020
'End has come:' Calida warms towards House in hailing ABS-CBN franchise kill

MANILA, Philippines – "And now, the end has come," was Solicitor General Jose Calida's chest-thumping over the House committee's "killing" of the franchise renewal bills of embattled broadcast giant ...

PHILIPPINES 06:03pm, Jul 11, 2020
PH tallies 9 straight days of over 1K daily virus infections, total rises to 54,222

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines extended to 9 straight days its streak of tallying over a thousand coronavirus infections daily when the Department of Health (DOH) announced 1,387 new cases on ...

PHILIPPINES 08:49pm, Jul 08, 2020
'Overly deferential': How Supreme Court shielded Duterte from disclosing health

MANILA, Philippines – Newly-released dissenting opinions of two Supreme Court justices revealed how magistrates of the Supreme Court argued on behalf of President Rodrigo Duterte in order to shield ...

PHILIPPINES 04:26pm, Jul 08, 2020
Constitution framers, Ateneo professors file 6th petition vs anti-terror law

MANILA, Philippines – Constitution framers Christian Monsod and Felicitas Arroyo filed on Wednesday, July 8, the 6th petition against the Duterte administration's anti-terror law. They are joined by ...

PHILIPPINES 11:37am, Jul 08, 2020
Duterte's ex-OGCC chief Jurado is 5th to petition vs anti-terror law

MANILA, Philippines – Lawyer Rudolf Jurado, President Rodrigo Duterte's former government corporate counsel (GCC), filed on Wednesday, July 8, the 5th petition before the Supreme Court asking to ...

PHILIPPINES 07:49pm, Jul 06, 2020
'Climate of fear': Constitutional framers stand vs anti-terror law

MANILA, Philippines – Framers of the 1987 Constitution have come out against the divisive anti-terror law of the Duterte administration, saying it creates a climate of fear and puts us on a slippery ...

PHILIPPINES 08:45am, Jul 06, 2020
More petitions to come: Supreme Court battle vs anti-terror law starts

MANILA, Philippines (5th UPDATE) – The Supreme Court battle against the anti-terror law, signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on July 3, has officially begun. One group of petitioners was an early ...

PHILIPPINES 06:18pm, Jul 05, 2020
'For law and order in troubled times:' Guevarra declines 'last' chance for SC

MANILA, Philippines – Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra has turned down what could be his last chance to be nominated to be a Supreme Court justice, saying that his services are most needed in ...