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Beth is a writer, producer, photographer, videographer, and newscast producer. She studied Political Science in UP Diliman, and worked in ABS-CBN as supervising producer for News and Current Affairs.

She heads Multimedia and Video Production in Rappler.

Mar 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 08:00am, Mar 06, 2020
Duterte and our PTSD

This week was intense. There was a hostage-taking on Monday, March 2. The House rivalry for the speakership flared up and continued until Tuesday, March 3. Actress Kim Chiu’s van was strafed ...

Feb 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 03:00pm, Feb 14, 2020
PH-US break-up on Valentine's week

I have a confession to make. I’m ambivalent about the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement. As a student who marched and rallied for the non-renewal of the United States bases agreement in ...

Jan 2020
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 08:00am, Jan 17, 2020
Telling Taal's visual story

For Rappler's production team, the primary tool for telling stories is video. Taal Volcano's explosive displays lend themselves well to the medium, but that's just scratching the surface. Only video ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 08:00am, Jan 10, 2020
Folk Catholicism or true piety?

Thursday, January 9, the feast of the Black Nazarene, is when photographers and videographers have a field day. There's so much movement to capture in outstretched arms, bare feet, adoring faces, and ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 10:00pm, Jan 02, 2020
Are the Americans interfering?

Francis' hand-slap. On New Year’s Eve, Pope Francis greeted children on Saint Peter's Square and was turning away when a woman pulled his hand and almost caused him to fall. The 83-year-old Pope ...

Dec 2019
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 06:00pm, Dec 20, 2019
The power of the Ampatuan massacre verdict

Trial of the decade. Yes, it took 10 years but that's the least of the reasons why this trial makes history. The Maguindanao massacre is the deadliest attack on journalists in the world, with 32 ...

Nov 2019
RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 09:43pm, Nov 29, 2019
Send in the athletes

What it's about: We're off to a messy start in the hosting of the SEA Games 2019, but in the end, the games are all about the athletes. Here's Hidilyn Diaz talking about her journey to the coveted ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 06:00pm, Nov 15, 2019
A gift from China: adding insult to injury?

What a gift says. A gift usually reflects the value of that friendship to the gift-giver. In this case, a Chinese company gives a gift to Filipino fishermen left to die in open waters by a Chinese ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 04:15pm, Nov 07, 2019
How to shut down a mature adult who's behaving badly? 'Ok boomer'

Dismissing Teddyboy Locsin. "Ok boomer" has been popping up everywhere in the last two days on social media, and especially on Locsin's twitter feed.

 Context: The supposedly honorable foreign ...

RAPPLER NEWSLETTERS 12:00pm, Nov 02, 2019
Master of his fate, captain of his soul

On All Saints' Day, Rappler reporter JC Gotinga came out with an exclusive. It's a gripping, blow-by-blow tale of a ship captain and his crew standing up to the Chinese Coast Guard and a ...