Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia is a science writer. She has written two books, "Science Solitaire" and "Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire." Her column Science Solitaire appears every Friday, and you can reach her at

Apr 2020
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Apr 05, 2020
What science tells us about COVID-19

Most people think those in the sciences are smart because they know stuff. But what the people in the sciences really possess is a stable relationship with “uncertainty” than those who are not in ...

Dec 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Dec 22, 2019
Have you ever tried inventing your own word?

Last week, I marked my words. It was my 900th science column. The first 537 were published in the Philippine Star, while the rest are here at their current home in Rappler, which began publishing ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Dec 15, 2019
These will make you hope and (hopefully) act

We humans are glorious at failing ourselves, each other, and the planet, but if there is one thing that spectacularly exceeds our capacity to do all that, it is our capacity and ability to hope that ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Dec 08, 2019
10 haikus for the planet we failed

Ice shrinking acrossWater now overreaching Planet sinks within Chickens dominateBirds reduced to table fareWings trapped in buckets Heavy air we puffed Muffled living blue planetBreath of life ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 12:00pm, Dec 01, 2019
Your body and the planet

"Every day, thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians. Help end the violence. Eat bacon." This would be painfully funny if we thought this were true. And if pigs had a say, I'm pretty ...

Nov 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 24, 2019
The fight of our lives

We lie down in the face of a crisis. Generally, we do. This is what happens when large-scale incompetence, criminality, or environmental tragedies occur. They have a way of shrinking and drying our ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 17, 2019
If real estate developers cared for our mental health

"Live here and be happy forever." I have not come across a tagline of a real estate development that exactly says that but most if not all of them always appeal to your sense of mental satisfaction. ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 10, 2019
How art could help solve social and political conflicts

Can you imagine a flurry of fantastic origamis spontaneously being made out of air? That is how I would describe the movements of the members of the American Ballet Theater when I watched them this ...

SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Nov 03, 2019
Your beloved could be your analgesic

One of the most heart-wrenching experiences one can live through is watching someone, especially someone you love, suffer great emotional and/or physical pain. In those times, you feel helpless and ...

Oct 2019
SCIENCE SOLITAIRE 11:00am, Oct 27, 2019
Selfies to solve world problems (really)

Ranting about selfies is like swimming against a tsunami. I was slow to realize that, having written a few columns in the past trying to convince selfie takers to go easy on the selfies. I am not a ...