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Natashya is Bureau Chief of Rappler Indonesia, and reports on Indonesian issues for the international audience. Before that, she was a multimedia reporter with Rappler in the Philippines, covering politics, corruption, gender, and investigative stories, among others.

She was awarded several journalism fellowships including the 2015 Asian Journalism Fellowship in Singapore, and the 2014 Reporting ASEAN fellowship. She received the Hildegarde Award for outstanding women in journalism in 2015. Natashya graduated from Yale University with a degree in psychology.

Nov 2018
BLOG 11:21pm, Nov 22, 2018
What happened after I wrote articles on abortion

The first email came just 3 days after Rappler released part one of an investigative series on abortion. The 3-part series I penned for Rappler explores the dangerous practices of backstreet ...

Aug 2018
INVESTIGATIVE 12:12pm, Aug 15, 2018
How backstreet abortionists terminate 7-month pregnancies

AT A GLANCE From Part 1: Desperate Filipinas seeking to terminate their pregnancies flock to a secret online forum where abortion services are advertised and where other women rate their ...

IN-DEPTH 04:59pm, Aug 13, 2018
Filipinas buy, sell, rate abortions in online forum

AT A GLANCE The Philippines has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, forcing Filipinas to seek unsafe ways to terminate their pregnancies Desperate women flock online to find ...

Jul 2018
BLOG 11:15am, Jul 03, 2018
Why Gilas should apologize

The Gilas team should apologize for the bench-clearing brawl against Australia at the Philippine Arena last night. By saying the team should apologize, I don’t mean the Australian team shouldn’t ...

May 2018
IN-DEPTH 04:41pm, May 08, 2018
Did DFA do enough in rape scandal?

MANILA, Philippines – In a prestigious school in New Delhi, an 11-year-old Filipino boy trembled, as he squatted on a toilet seat. Perched atop the toilet, he crouched as he was told, facing the ...

Apr 2018
IN-DEPTH 09:34pm, Apr 10, 2018
Cambridge Analytica’s parent firm claims it won 2010 election for PH president

MANILA, Philippines – The parent company of Cambridge Analytica said in 2010 that it was not only involved in the Philippine presidential elections, it also boasted that it “successfully won the ...

INVESTIGATIVE 10:17pm, Apr 09, 2018
Cambridge Analytica's parent company claims ties with Duterte friend

MANILA, Philippines – The website of Strategic Communications Laboratory (SCL), the parent company of British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, brandishes a world map that identifies the ...

PHILIPPINES 03:05pm, Apr 09, 2018
Duterte social media campaign manager: ‘Nix influenced my work’

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – After photos surfaced of suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix with President Rodrigo Duterte's campaign insiders, Duterte's social media director said he ...

PHILIPPINES 06:01pm, Apr 06, 2018
Cambridge Analytica’s parent company claimed 'strong, no-nonsense' client in 2013

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – About half a decade before Cambridge Analytica hit news headlines for its role in interfering in the US elections, its parent company was already pulling strings in ...

PHILIPPINES 02:43pm, Apr 05, 2018
Did Cambridge Analytica use Filipinos' Facebook data to help Duterte win?

MANILA, Philippines – It appears that 6 months before the United States presidential elections in 2016, Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm, also had a hand in the Philippine ...