Nikki Natividad

Catch Nikki in her downtime and you’ll notice that there isn’t just one thing that keeps her entertained. She could be channeling a domestic goddess as she preserves exotic vanilla beans, inner-peace searching on yoga mats, or working on sketches in her leather-bound notebook.

Jokingly, she’ll tell you she’s a mish-mash of mediocre talents, dabbling in anything but never deciding on one. But while she may seem the undecided sort, Nikki is anything but when it comes to giving an opinion. Never one to back down on a discussion, she would readily share her thoughts on society, gender, and the novel currently on her bedside table.

At first, Nikki never saw writing as anything more than a hobby. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies and planned on working for an NGO. But after graduation, she landed a position as an Editorial Assistant for and discovered the thrill behind being able to share her ideas in every published article.

In 2014, Nikki joined Rappler’s sales and marketing team. Her natural curiosity about anything and everything proves to be an asset in creating branded content as it helps her write about a variety of topics. So far, she has created content for international brands like Nescafe, Samsung, and Chevrolet.

Discriminating but open-minded, Nikki has a knack for finding truth in most things—allowing her to create genuine content that strike conversations with people who read them.

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