Tony La Viña

Tony La Viña

Jul 2020
THOUGHT LEADERS 01:08pm, Jul 08, 2020
[OPINION] The moment of truth for the ABS-CBN franchise

On Thursday, July 9, after 12 days of continuous hearings, the House Committee on Legislative Franchises is set to vote on the ABS-CBN franchise renewal application. This is a moment of truth for ...

Jun 2020
THOUGHT LEADERS 11:13am, Jun 30, 2020
[ANALYSIS] Leila de Lima's bail application

Professing her innocence, Senator De Lima filed on June 15, 2020 a Motion for Bail before the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court (RTC)-Branch 166 in Criminal Case No. 17-166 for alleged conspiracy to ...

THOUGHT LEADERS 04:06pm, Jun 01, 2020
[OPINION] De Lima’s incommunicado detention

Article III, Section 12 (2) of the 1987 Constitution is clear and unequivocal: “Secret detention places, solitary, incommunicado, or other similar forms of detention are prohibited.” This ...

May 2020
THOUGHT LEADERS 03:34pm, May 29, 2020
[OPINION] No charter change during pandemic

I am not against charter change. In fact, I have supported for many years campaigns to change our constitutional form of government as a way of reforming our politics and expanding the Bill of ...

THOUGHT LEADERS 06:51pm, May 23, 2020
[OPINION] A crossroads for Meralco

Like many electricity consumers of Metro Manila, I am dreading the arrival of our latest bill from the Manila Electric Company (Meralco). We have heard horror stories of questionably high ...

THOUGHT LEADERS 02:46pm, May 03, 2020
[OPINION] Excluding De Lima and others

(UPDATED) The coronavirus pandemic requires a whole of nation approach. Every sector and citizen must be enlisted in the fight ahead. This is a marathon and not a sprint. A disunited people and ...

Mar 2020
THOUGHT LEADERS 02:31pm, Mar 23, 2020
[OPINION] The false premise and promise of emergency powers

I believe that in times of crises such as today, it is imperative on the part of government to act swiftly and effectively. It is tempting to invoke emergency powers – and definitely the draft bill ...

THOUGHT LEADERS 07:00pm, Mar 19, 2020
[OPINION] A national unity government to combat the coronavirus

The following is Part 2 in a two-part series. You can read Part 1 here. Social distancing cannot be enforced coercively. It requires education and persuasion. It requires people to have trust and ...

THOUGHT LEADERS 05:03pm, Mar 18, 2020
[OPINION] Good governance to combat the coronavirus

The following is Part 1 in a 2-part series. You can read Part 2 here. Last week, I watched and listened to Mr Gan Kim Yong, Singapore's Minister of Health, say that responding effectively to the ...

Oct 2019
THOUGHT LEADERS 09:57am, Oct 24, 2019
[OPINION] Radical change stops sexual violence

I had originally not planned to weigh in systematically on the sexual harassment controversy rocking the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). But after seeing young professors, teaching ...