Vernise L. Tantuco

Vernise Tantuco is on Rappler's Research Team, fact checking suspicious claims, wrangling data, and telling stories that need to be heard.

Before working with the Research Team, Vern was the desk editor for our Lifestyle and Entertainment section, where she talked to celebrities, ate and photographed food, traveled, and hosted our music show Rappler Live Jam.

She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Management, major in Communications Technology Management, and a minor in Literature (English).

When she's not writing, reading, or dreaming up stories, Vern can be found binge watching TV shows, practicing yoga, and enjoying stationery, astrology, and makeup.

Dec 2019
RAPPLER IQ 02:45pm, Dec 01, 2019
Fact or fiction? Memes attack media's reporting on SEA Games 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Online attempts to downplay the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2019 mishaps are attacks on the press. There were two stories about the SEA Games that dominated social media a ...

Aug 2019
TECH NEWS 01:59pm, Aug 24, 2019
Students show how AI can predict airline delays, drug vulnerability

MANILA, Philippines – How can artificial intelligence (AI) solve real-world problems? Students of Asian Institute of Management's (AIM) Master of Science in Data Science program presented 16 ...

Apr 2019
RAPPLER IQ 06:09pm, Apr 09, 2019
Exercising their rights: Will Filipinos overseas vote in 2019?

MANILA, Philippines – It isn't just Philippine residents who get to choose the country's future leaders on election day – thousands of our countrymen who live and work abroad can also exercise their ...

Feb 2019
RAPPLER IQ 06:30pm, Feb 05, 2019
Who were targets of disinformation in 2018?

MANILA, Philippines – There were many false and misleading claims made online and in real life last year, most of which were used to harm influential people and their reputations. According to data ...

Dec 2018
IN-DEPTH 03:42pm, Dec 24, 2018
WATCH: Don't let 'experts' online fool you: Here's how

MANILA, Philippines – When newsroom fact checkers and wary netizens check for the authenticity of a claim online, they look for primary sources to verify facts. There have been cases when claims are ...

TECH FEATURES 07:05am, Dec 19, 2018
Twitter in 2018: Removing dubious accounts, rethinking incentives

MANILA, Philippines – 2018 was a difficult year for social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, whose policies have been put under scrutiny following a slew of attacks on data privacy ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 12:11pm, Dec 17, 2018
What makes societies susceptible to disinformation?

MANILA, Philippines – The Media Sustainability Index (MSI) 2018 identified disinformation as one of the major themes in European and Eurasian media in 2018, along with journalism being under threat ...

Sep 2018
RAPPLER IQ 11:00pm, Sep 12, 2018
Will Typhoon Ompong be the same as Super Typhoon Lawin?

MANILA, Philippines – Residents of Northern Luzon are bracing for Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut), which had maximum winds of 205 kilometers per hour (km/h) as of Wednesday afternoon, September ...

Feb 2018
CAREER 09:30pm, Feb 27, 2018
Patrick Starrr on gaining confidence through identity, Mama Starrr's best advice

MANILA, Philippines – MAC Key Artist Collaborator and social media star Patrick Starrr has a larger-than-life personality, but he's a lot quieter in person than you'd think. (LOOK: MAC x Patrick ...

FOOD 06:46pm, Feb 23, 2018
IN PHOTOS: Inside Unimart at Capitol Commons

MANILA, Philippines – After a couple of years of waiting, Unimart Estancia is finally open to the public! The supermarket opened on February 19, with shelves stocked full of the Japanese snacks, ...