Ariel Philippines
Ariel is a brand of laundry detergents – liquid and powder – made by P&G. It is the #1 recommended detergent brand by more top selling washing machine makers globally, including Sharp, Panasonic and Samsung.
Sep 2017
06:23pm, Sep 29, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
Sharing the load in the Filipino home

MANILA, Philippines – At work and at home, certain gender stereotypes continue to persist. But as our society progresses, this is slowly changing. One indicator of this is the growing number of ...

Apr 2016
09:13pm, Apr 04, 2016 ADVOCACIES
Ahon, Pinay! Uplifting women and recognizing their roles in society

MANILA, Philippines — March 8, 1908: about 15,000 women in New York City marched on the streets to demand better working hours, higher pay, and the right to vote. The participants included women ...

05:43pm, Apr 04, 2016 ADVOCACIES
#AhonPinay: Light of your life, light of our world

MANILA, Philippines — Ang ilaw ng tahanan. They are our mothers, our women. But it’s about time for us to challenge the moniker. Today, Filipinas aren't just staying put at home; they're also the ...