CERELAC® is a nutrient dense food made for your child's small tummy – with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and half of your child’s daily iron needs in every bowl. CERELAC® has no artificial colors and no preservatives. CERELAC® is a dry infant cereal for children 6 months and above. This product is not suitable as breastmilk substitute. Infants six months onwards should be given fresh and indigenous foods in combination with continued breastfeeding.
Dec 2017
12:15pm, Dec 26, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
A mom’s guide to feeding her baby during the first year

MANILA, Philippines — First-time mom? Are you feeling daunted by the idea of choosing the correct food for your baby? How you feed your child sets the direction of his physical and cognitive ...

07:14pm, Dec 22, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
Caring for your infant starts with the right food

MANILA, Philippines — Parenthood — it’s an overwhelming emotional rollercoaster of love, excitement, and anxiety. All parents feel apprehensive, whether it’s their first child or the fourth. What’s ...

Mar 2016
03:32pm, Mar 31, 2016 STORIES
Could your child be iron-deficient?

MANILA, Philippines – The first months after a child is born are usually a blissful yet busy blur for parents. Babies grow and develop rapidly during this period, and parents need to quickly learn ...

04:13pm, Mar 28, 2016 HOME AND PARENTING
INFOGRAPHIC: Iron deficiency and your baby

MANILA, Philippines – The first few months of your baby’s life are always filled with joyful surprises. Faster than you can blink your eye (or grab the phone to snap a photo), your baby will go from ...