Coca-Cola Philippines
Even in the earlier days of Coca-Cola in the Philippines, it has already proven that it is more than just a drink—it is a unique experience that refreshes Filipinos on a whole different level. Filipinos found themselves enjoying the company of friends over Coca-Cola. Families bond over meal times, savouring their favourite ulam partnered with Coca-Cola. The drink has become a part of the very fabric of Filipino lives. People come together and create memories that evoke happiness and optimism in numerous occasions and even in times of crisis. Coca-Cola has truly served happiness to the Filipinos since 1912.
Jun 2020
02:48pm, Jun 29, 2020 GOODRAP
Coca-Cola "Honesty Cart for a Cause" highlights model Baguio citizens

[Editor's Notes: With the help of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc., three Honesty Carts were installed in different spots within Baguio City. Locals and officials alike are proud to announce ...

04:06pm, Jun 25, 2020 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Heart Evangelista talks about heartfelt moments with her dad

[Editor's note: The COVID-19 pandemic has led Heart Evangelista to realize how much her family means to her. She talks about memories with her dad growing up, creative endeavors, and her bonding ...

May 2020
07:08pm, May 11, 2020 GOODRAP
Coca-Cola Philippines stays true to its mission of uplifting the lives of Filipinos

[Editor’s note: The beverage company continues to support Filipinos through every crisis and disaster. Below is their press release.] MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Putting people first has always been the ...

Mar 2020
02:53pm, Mar 04, 2020 ADVOCACIES
#WorldWithoutWaste: Coca-Cola’s mission to make the world a sustainable place to live in

MANILA, Philippines – The world’s waste is piling up. In 2016, the World Bank Group shared that cities worldwide generated 2.01 billion tons of solid waste or 0.74 kilograms per person a day. With ...

Aug 2014
11:35am, Aug 25, 2014 BRANDRAP
Conversation: #ShareACoke

MANILA, Philippines - Names are more than just labels we call ourselves and others. They carry familiarity and meaning. A name holds memories and the feelings attached to them. Joyful moments are ...