Meralco is the largest electric distribution company in the Philippines.
Jun 2015
10:58pm, Jun 11, 2015 STORIES
In case of a blackout

MANILA, Philippines - Blackout. Or 'brownout' if you actually went through them in the 90s. It's a word that brings about a tide of mixed emotions. At it’s peak then, Metro Manila had no electricity ...

Apr 2014
11:28am, Apr 12, 2014 BRANDRAP
Electricity bills explained: Where does your money go?

MANILA, Philippines – Ever wondered how electricity is delivered to your home? From power plants to high-voltage transmission lines, substations and electric posts, electricity passes through ...

Jan 2014
04:40pm, Jan 05, 2014 BRANDRAP
INFOGRAPHIC: Ways to lower your electricity bill

MANILA, Philippines ­– Electricity is a regular household cost and an integral part of your monthly budget. With a little strategy, you can greatly lower your consumption and your bill. Being ...