Metamucil®, the World's #1 Fiber Supplement, is a pleasant tasting and convenient way to add fiber into your diet. It is made of psyllium fiber that forms a gel in the body to trap and eliminate wastes. Metamucil® is now available in leading drugstores nationwide.
Apr 2016
01:54pm, Apr 11, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
Fiber calculator: Compute your daily fiber intake

MANILA, Philippines – Do you count your carbs or calories meticulously? If you’re serious about improving your diet, you should consider counting your fiber intake, too. (READ: Can more fiber make ...

08:03am, Apr 02, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
5 readers took Metamucil’s 14-day fiber challenge

MANILA, Philippines – Recently, we published an invitation for readers to increase their fiber intake and physical activity for 14 days. We did this because most people don’t realize how important ...

Mar 2016
02:41pm, Mar 31, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
3 hi-fiber snacks to satisfy your craving

MANILA, Philippines – Do you always feel guilty about eating snacks? Don’t worry – they can actually be good for you! Here’s why: in between meals, snacks can help reduce cravings, raise your energy ...

02:28pm, Mar 31, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
3 fiber-rich drinks to try this summer

MANILA, Philippines – Nothing says “summer” like a tall glass of a cold, refreshing smoothie. On hot days, it’s important to stay hydrated frequently. It’s not just about keeping cool – did you know ...

12:53pm, Mar 30, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
INFOGRAPHIC: What happens when you don’t get enough fiber?

MANILA, Philippines – Are you struggling with maintaining and active and fit lifestyle? Increasing your fiber intake might be the solution. (READ: The ‘breakdown’ you need to stay healthy) When it ...

11:46am, Mar 28, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
CONVERSATION: How to have a #LessGuiltFoodTrip

MANILA, Philippines – Mention “healthy eating” to your family and friends and you’re bound to get one of the following reactions: “That’s hard.” “I don’t want to deprive myself.” “I’d rather eat a ...

08:30am, Mar 09, 2016 BRANDRAP
12 tips for a light and active summer vacation

MANILA, Philippines – Tickets are booked, bags are packed, and the vacation responder has been turned on. Finally, you’re taking a vacation! Before you hop on that plane, don’t forget to prepare your ...

Feb 2016
06:58pm, Feb 26, 2016 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
Do you want to take Metamucil’s 14-day challenge?

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – We’ve published several stories about the benefits of fiber, especially for busy individuals. Last year, 4 Rappler employees took a 14-day challenge to increase their ...

Dec 2015
08:59am, Dec 28, 2015 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
Our Awesome Food Trip: 4 new must-try spots

MANILA, Philippines – Just before the holidays, Rappler got the opportunity to hang out with Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet. Our itinerary: to follow him around on a food trip marathon as he ...

10:35am, Dec 12, 2015 #LESSGUILTFOODTRIP
We took Metamucil's Fiber Challenge

MANILA, Philippines – According to the 8th National Nutrition Survey, the average Filipino’s diet does include enough fiber (among other nutrients). Most adults are not eating enough roughage in the ...