NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR, a powdered milk drink for children above 3 years old, contains 100% partially hydrolyzed proteins which are less allergenic and easier to digest. It has OPTIMIZED PROTEIN that helps promote age-appropriate weight gain while it supports a child’s growth and development.
Sep 2017
09:00am, Sep 09, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
What to expect at Future City, Manila's newest pop-up interactive digital park

MANILA, Philippines – This weekend, take your kids out on a fun and educational trip to the future at Future City, a pop-up interactive digital park that is open to all from September 9 to 10 at SMX ...

10:30am, Sep 01, 2017 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Manila’s newest digital park will give you a glimpse of the future

MANILA, Philippines – The moment kids hit an age when they start showing off talents in singing, drawing, dancing, or playing basketball, both the parents and grandparents are quick to announce, ...

Dec 2016
01:23pm, Dec 22, 2016 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Can I reshape my child’s future health today?

[Editor's note: This is a press release from Nestlé Philippines] MANILA, Philippines – The earlier years of a child require a lot of attention, as these are the times wherein they can become most ...

Jan 2016
11:00am, Jan 29, 2016 HOME AND PARENTING
Passing it on: Your medical history is not your child’s future

MANILA, Philippines – As a parent you pass on many things to your children, from values to quirky mannerisms. Thus, it’s understandable to be set on establishing good habits and developing a strong ...

04:54pm, Jan 28, 2016 HOME AND PARENTING
INFOGRAPHIC: A guide on allergies for parents

MANILA, Philippines – One loud sneeze is usually all it takes for you to start wondering if your child is allergic to something. Allergies manifest through symptoms such as rashes, watery eyes, and ...

Nov 2015
01:45pm, Nov 27, 2015 STORIES
What does it take to build a strong foundation for your child?

MANILA, Philippines – Documenting a child’s many “firsts” is something most parents love to do. The first step, first day of school, and first graduation are milestones that can make any parent ...