Nido 3+
At age 3, your child’s world is getting bigger. Support his growth and development and have the confidence to let him explore and discover new things. Give him milk with DHA, ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine to support brain function like NIDO® 3+. It is the only milk with Prebio® 3 and Lactobacillus PROTECTUS® to help protect your child every day.
Dec 2017
09:00am, Dec 23, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
The art of letting go: Truths about parenthood

MANILA, Philippines – Imagine just staring at a blank space pondering about a major turning point in your life. A big change or shifting into something entirely new and unfamiliar – where it’s not ...

04:07pm, Dec 18, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
Life lessons children and parents learn before school

MANILA, Philippines – Every waking moment is a learning opportunity for a growing child – even before they go to school. According to the World Health Organization, a human being’s foundation for ...

04:10pm, Dec 05, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
The ups and downs of playtime

MANILA, Philippines – A parent is a child’s first teacher. A child’s relationships and values will be shaped by the most important adult of his growing up years. Once a child starts to explore and ...

Nov 2017
03:03pm, Nov 29, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
Things to do with your kids: It’s Christmas time!

MANILA, Philippines – Staying in Manila for the holidays? Whether you want them to learn new things or work up their imagination, there’s something to do with your kids even during the busiest time ...

10:20am, Nov 28, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
Things to do with your kids: Pre-holiday festivities

MANILA, Philippines – It’s almost the holidays, and that means you can get creative with how you can spend the upcoming break with your kids. When the kids start to feel the holiday spirit, they get ...

06:50pm, Nov 24, 2017 BRANDRAP
Things-to-do with your kids: Let’s get creative!

MANILA, Philippines – Bonding moments with your kids, especially during their formative years, hold a special place in your heart. This is a time when you can help shape their character, support ...

Dec 2015
03:45pm, Dec 23, 2015 HOME AND PARENTING
INFOGRAPHIC: What's in a glass of milk?

MANILA, Philippines – Preschool is a crucial time for children to get the proper nutrition and protection while their minds and bodies go through important development milestones. This is the time ...

Aug 2015
09:16am, Aug 25, 2015 HEALTH AND SELF
7 things that motherhood changed for the better

MANILA, Philippines – When you take on a new role in life, you might feel some anxiety or have hesitations. You ask yourself, “Am I ready for this?” or “Can I really do this?” This is especially true ...

05:32pm, Aug 06, 2015 HEALTH AND SELF
5 things I want my kids to experience

MANILA, Philippines – When you were younger, were you curious about the things around you? Did you collect shells and hold starfishes on beach trips? Have you climbed a tree and managed to make your ...