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The Oral-B brand is a worldwide leader in the brushing market. Part of the Procter & Gamble Company since 2005, the Oral-B brand includes manual and power toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators, oral care centers, and interdental products, such as dental floss. Oral-Bmanual and power toothbrushes are used by more dentists than any other brand in the U.S. and worldwide. P&G is the only oral company with a complete product portfolio to keep smiles healthy and beautiful for life. With this vast array of products and support from dental professionals, Oral-B is armed to provide consumers with the confidence behind their smiles
Sep 2017
01:07pm, Sep 22, 2017 HEALTH AND SELF
WATCH: How do extra-small toothbrush heads work?

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that tooth decay affects 9 out 10 Filipinos? Our back molars – which we use for chewing and grinding food – are most susceptible to tooth decay. If you don’t do ...

Mar 2017
03:09pm, Mar 20, 2017 HEALTH AND SELF
Why size matters when it comes to your dental health

MANILA, Philippines — Has this ever happened to you: You’re tucked into bed, cozy and fast asleep, when all of a sudden — ouch! there’s a jolt of pain stemming from the back of your mouth. It's a ...

Jun 2015
02:00pm, Jun 13, 2015 SPECIALS
TRUE OR FALSE: Do I have bad breath?

MANILA, Philippines – When you want to make a good first impression and feel confident about presenting yourself to others, fresh breath would probably be one of the things you’ll check before ...

May 2015
02:31pm, May 05, 2015 STORIES
Gingivitis is more common than you think

MANILA, Philippines – When it comes to keeping your mouth healthy, there’s a tendency to overlook its supporting structure, which is the gums. And if you have ever experienced your gums bleed as you ...

Apr 2015
06:03pm, Apr 08, 2015 STORIES
The trouble with yellow teeth

MANILA, Philippines – Were you ever conscious of having yellow teeth? Did you ever even notice your teeth are discolored? When you look at yourself in the mirror and give your teeth some TLC, give it ...

Feb 2015
10:32am, Feb 23, 2015 STORIES
What can cause a toothache?

MANILA, Philippines – The most common oral diseases are easily preventable.1 But due to lack of awareness and information on how to avoid them, poor oral health remains prevalent among ...

10:55am, Feb 16, 2015 STORIES
Why oral health needs more attention in PH

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – When you think about overall health, do you also consider oral health? Filipinos are known for their smiles despite tragedy and disaster, but what many do not know ...

Jan 2015
10:00am, Jan 24, 2015 STORIES
When plaque attacks

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – In a country where more than 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from oral diseases, it is crucial to understand why our risk factor is so high. The UP College of ...

Mar 2014
10:00am, Mar 24, 2014 BRANDRAP
5 dental hygiene myths busted!

MANILA, Philippines – What exactly do you know about your teeth? Some of us may just be aware that we should brush our teeth every day and that regular visits to the dentist are a must. But we ...

10:17am, Mar 08, 2014 BRANDRAP
Talk it out: 5 embarrassing moments you wish you could forget

MANILA, Philippines – We wish we could avoid it, but sometimes it just happens even without us knowing it and when we least expect it. Have you ever had food stuck in between your teeth and only ...