PLDT SME Nation understands your needs as a growing small or medium enterprise, and are happy to provide all the support to make your business prosper. We draw inspiration from the unique Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. It was in this spirit that SME Nation was formed to boost the small and medium-sized businesses that form the essential backbone of the Philippine economy.
Aug 2016
05:52pm, Aug 09, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
Common challenges for first-time business owners – and how to fix them

MANILA, Philippines – It can be thrilling to finally say that you put up your own business. The hard work has finally paid off and your dream has become a reality. After the launch phase, what’s ...

Jun 2016
03:49pm, Jun 08, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
Golden ABC’s Bernie Liu: ‘There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big’

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that Penshoppe, the hip clothing brand known for bringing in celebrity endorsers such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Sean O’ Pry, didn’t earn profit in its ...

01:47pm, Jun 03, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
#BeTheBoss: What does it take to 'Make It Big?'

MANILA, Philippines ­– The #BeTheBoss Awards gave Filipino entrepreneurs a chance to improve their online businesses and learn from those who have "made it." (READ: 5 lessons from the #BeTheBoss ...

03:05pm, Jun 01, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
Make It Big: #BeTheBoss Awards 2016

MANILA, Philippines – These days, having a business can be as simple as having a good Internet connection and a computer or tablet that will allow you to reach hundreds of people online. There are ...

Aug 2015
12:16pm, Aug 27, 2015 COMMUNITY
PLDT SME Nation's new batch of Filipino entrepreneurs

MANILA, Philippines - It takes resilience, a lot of hard work and a mindset for innovation to turn a small to medium enterprise into a global one. These are the key attributes that helped Carlos ...

Mar 2015
06:11pm, Mar 24, 2015 STORIES
Banding together for a cause: PLDT SME Nation

MANILA, Philippines — With the influence of the Internet and ever-evolving technology, the country’s business landscape has changed for the better. Now, individuals are empowered to do more with ...