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Aug 2017
06:02pm, Aug 02, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
How can you prepare for your children’s future?

MANILA, Philippines – The life of a parent is tough. There are times when we can’t help but feel like our efforts to give our children the best lifepossible are taken for granted. It can feel like a ...

Jul 2017
03:37pm, Jul 25, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
How can you protect your health?

MANILA, Philippines – When we were younger, life was a constant source of wonder. But as we grow older, we tend to lose feelings of naiveté and find ourselves just going through the motions – until ...

09:47am, Jul 21, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
How millennials can secure their future

MANILA, Philippines – Millennials are generally branded as a flighty generation. They’ve been called impractical – only thinking of present wants and not paying heed to future needs. But arguably, ...

04:52pm, Jul 17, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
Do you have the grit for success?

MANILA, Philippines – Would you, from five years ago, be happy with where you are now? Jonathan Yabut posed this question last May 24, during Sun Life Financial’s Live Brighter Session. These ...

Jun 2017
03:27pm, Jun 17, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
How our personal relationships make life brighter

MANILA, Philippines – We all have different objectives in life, different reasons for being. For some, it’s to be indispensible to the people they love. This was the theme of Sun Life Financial’s ...

May 2017
03:14pm, May 24, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
WATCH: Sun Life #LiveBrighter session with Jonathan Yabut

MANILA, Phiippines – Are you looking for practical advice on how to fulfill your dreams and find your purpose? Then this event might be for you. Starting this month, Sun Life Financial is hosting a ...

Jan 2017
12:36pm, Jan 23, 2017 BRIGHTER LIFE
Walking the talk, with passion

MANILA, Philippines – In Filipino culture, it’s taboo to talk about money. With our friends and colleagues, we'd eagerly discuss religion, politics, and sometimes even intimate details of our ...

Nov 2016
10:00am, Nov 19, 2016 BRIGHTER LIFE
The real cost of serious illnesses in PH

MANILA, Philippines – People often say that health is wealth. That even though you might not have much in life, you’re all set as long as your body’s in good shape. But for one reason or another, ...

Sep 2016
04:37pm, Sep 19, 2016 BRIGHTER LIFE
4 scenes to help you visualize a better, brighter future

MANILA, Philippines – How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now? It’s a question many of us have been asked at least once, and most of the time the answers come easy: traveling the world, ...

02:05pm, Sep 04, 2016 SUN LIFE FINANCIAL
CONVERSATION: Short-term fixes vs long-term goals

MANILA, Philippines – No matter what stage we are in life, we all have goals we’d like to achieve some years down the road: investing on a car or a spacious house for your growing family, a ...