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Apr 2020
06:33pm, Apr 17, 2020 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Coronavirus crash: Should you pull out of the stock market?

MANILA, Philippines – At a time when we can’t seem to scroll through our social media feeds without feeling stressed, experts advise us to cut back on our news and social media consumption. “Being ...

Jan 2020
05:28pm, Jan 24, 2020 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Sun Life celebrates 125th anniversary with 5 million insured Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines – Topics about insurance used to be something that Filipinos avoid. Many of us can’t just talk about the possibility of having illnesses or the inevitability of death. If not ...

Nov 2019
05:18pm, Nov 26, 2019 SUN LIFE FINANCIAL
PODCAST: A primer on getting on the road to financial independence

MANILA, Philippines – If there’s one important thing they don’t teach you in school, it’s adulting. And unfortunately, that includes all money matters – learning how to save when you’ve got a ...

Sep 2019
04:02pm, Sep 30, 2019 SUN LIFE FINANCIAL
ROUNDTABLE: How partnerships enrich lives

MANILA, Philippines – Whatever industry you’re in, whatever your calling in life, one thing’s for sure – we’re all in pursuit of success and fulfillment. So we hustle each day, but sometimes in our ...

Aug 2019
02:40pm, Aug 06, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Why you need a life partner – and not necessarily the romantic kind

MANILA, Philippines - As we become adults, there’s a lot of pressure on us - particularly during this era of social media – to “make it.” Oftentimes, it seems like the best way to do so is push ...

Jun 2019
01:09pm, Jun 21, 2019 SUN LIFE FINANCIAL
Your guide to starting your financial journey, from insurance to investment

MANILA, Philippines - So you already want to start your financial journey - but you have no idea where to start. Whether you’re happy with your salary or hanging on until next payday, it’s best to ...

Oct 2018
11:02am, Oct 25, 2018 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Everything under the sun: Financial advice on education and inflation, can a parent afford both?

["Everything Under the Sun" is an advice column where Sun Life advisors shed light on readers' most pressing questions, both big and small.] Dear Teddy, First off, I must commend you for taking an ...

Aug 2018
04:00pm, Aug 28, 2018 SUN LIFE FINANCIAL
The value of commitment in the age of YOLO

MANILA, Philippines — Millennials get a bad rap for “living in the now.” Scroll through social media, you’re bound to come across YOLO (you only live once) and FOMO (fear of missing out) — netspeak ...

Jul 2018
06:24pm, Jul 09, 2018 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
The millennials' guide to choosing a financial advisor

MANILA, Philippines — We millennials have made mindfulness our generation’s signature... or so we’d like to believe (no ME generation here!). This mindfulness of our place in the world makes us ...

Jan 2018
07:22pm, Jan 25, 2018 HEALTH AND SELF
Sun Life’s Resolution Run kicks the year off with a cause

MANILA, Philippines — The month of January is unofficially a “nutrition and fitness” month for many. This is because getting fit is a common resolution for both the young and old, as a way of ...