The Mind Museum
Science comes alive at The Mind Museum
Jul 2015
05:52pm, Jul 26, 2015 STORIES
Meet creatures from the PH's top marine hotspot in this local exhibit

(Editor's note: The following press release is from The Mind Museum) MANILA, Philippines – The Mind Museum and the California Academy of Sciences (CAS), with the support from the U.S. Government ...

08:40am, Jul 12, 2015 STORIES
INFOGRAPHIC: Robots in the real world

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that there are robots that can inspect sewage systems, perform surgeries, build cars, vacuum floors, and even help in times of disaster? They’ve been around for a ...

Jun 2015
12:37pm, Jun 03, 2015 SPECIALS
Take our "What if?" science challenge

MANILA, Philippines – Before you take the actual quiz, here’s a prequel: What’s the single most important phrase in the history of science? (Clue: it’s not “Eureka”). It’s “What if?” Every single ...

May 2015
03:43pm, May 14, 2015 SPECIALS
INFOGRAPHIC: Magic or Science?

MANILA, Philippines – Nothing says “cool grown-up” quite like having a handful of magic tricks up your sleeve. But you know what’s cooler? If your magic tricks are actually explained by science. It ...

Mar 2015
10:29am, Mar 27, 2015 STORIES
15 alternative weekend ideas for the whole family

MANILA, Philippines – Do you realize that 2015 actually has 104 weekends? On days when you don’t need to sleep in, that’s more than enough Saturdays and Sundays to spend with the family, your ...