Urban Ashram Manila
Urban Ashram Manila believes that Yoga allows you to live better lives. Since 2011, Urban Ashram has been recognised for its safe and progressive yoga classes by their highly-skilled and trained faculty.
Sep 2015
12:21pm, Sep 17, 2015 HEALTH AND SELF
INFOGRAPHIC: Treating modern body pains with yoga

MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos spend a big chunk of their day hunched over a screen, be it a computer, tablet, or smart phone. In 2014, Filipinos were found to spend an average of a whopping 53 ...

Jul 2015
09:59am, Jul 22, 2015 STORIES
What you need to know about yoga during pregnancy

MANILA, Philippines — When you see a pregnant lady with her bulging second trimester belly, in workout clothes and toting a yoga mat and a bottle of water, you can’t help but feel a little bit ...

Jun 2015
11:08pm, Jun 15, 2015 STORIES
Off the mat: What you need to know about yoga

MANILA, Philippines — Yoga is a practice that intertwines movement with breath. It’s a purposeful series of movements, with each pose punctuated by a long, deep inhale and exhale. While it is a form ...