Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury Dairy Milk is the everyday chocolate for Filipino millennials; the definition of pure chocolatey pleasure. It's committed to turn everyday mundane moments into a joyful snacking experience with its smooth and chocolatey taste.
Feb 2018
12:55pm, Feb 09, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Express your feelings in time for Valentine's Day

Post sweet messages for your loved ones on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #SayItWithCadbury, and get featured ...

04:45pm, Feb 01, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
How to leave your torpe moments behind and sweeten someone’s day

MANILA, Philippines — If you’re not one for expressing your feelings — something a lot of us struggle with — your friends might have told you you’re torpe at some point. In this digital age, ...

Jan 2018
12:00am, Jan 28, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Say it with words

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let the important things remain unsaid. Sweeten someone’s day by sending words of admiration and appreciation to significant others, friends, family, crushes — or to the ...