PLDT-Smart Holideals
PLDT and Smart’s Holideals feature huge discounts and irresistible offers that suit your Christmas gift list - whether you’re looking for the perfect present for your loved ones, or simply thinking of a well-deserved treat for yourself to celebrate the season.
Dec 2019
04:06pm, Dec 24, 2019 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Regine Velasquez treats loyal PLDT Home subscribers with a surprise Christmas carol

[Editor's note: Long-time PLDT subscribers were serenaded by Regine Velasquez while getting they were getting a smart home upgrade. Below is PLDT's press release.] PLDT Home subscribers getting a ...

Jan 2019
04:28pm, Jan 09, 2019 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
WATCH: Diving deep into 'Home Alone'

MANILA, Philippines – What makes a good Christmas movie? Why is Home Alone so lovable? For the first HoliDiscussions episode, Ceej Tantengco and Renzo Magnaye dive deep into Home Alone, the essence ...

04:28pm, Jan 09, 2019 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
WATCH: Hobbies for the holidays

MANILA, Philippines – Traveling? Gaming? What are your favorite things to do over the Christmas break? In this HoliDiscussions episode, Ceej Tantengco and Lorenzo Magnaye share their favorite ...

Dec 2018
08:40pm, Dec 13, 2018 TECH AND INNOVATION
Greet the new year with new gear through these tech deals

MANILA, Philippines – “New Year, New Me.” It’s become a ritual for many to welcome the new year by doing a bit of “house cleaning.” For some, it’s on a personal level, making resolutions and ...

02:54pm, Dec 12, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
How I learned to start connecting with others and love the holidays

MANILA, Philippines — Picture this. You enter a room full of strangers. Some look to you and smile for no reason. You’ve never seen them before in your entire life. As the minutes go by, the place ...