Myra is the vitamin-based skincare brand that offers a range of products for healthy beautiful skin that lasts. These vitamin, body, and face care products are formulated to give you more than just a skin boost. That’s why for over 40 years, Myra is driven to convince women to embrace their beauty and take pride in themselves to become who they want to be. Myra believes that their vitamin-based beauty solutions will open doors for women, driving them to consistently be at their best.
Jul 2020
02:02pm, Jul 13, 2020 HEALTH AND SELF
Vitamin E: More than your beauty vitamin

MANILA, Philippines – Has your mom or skincare junkie friends ever told you to drink vitamin E supplements or to put on vitamin E lotion for better skin? You might’ve rolled your eyes at them or ...

10:13am, Jul 13, 2020 HEALTH AND SELF
Vitamin E: The vitamin missing from your skincare

MANILA, Philippines – With what’s happening on the news lately, new work-from-home routines, and hardly stepping out of the house, it’s no wonder most of us haven’t had time for real self-care. “But ...

Feb 2020
04:03pm, Feb 14, 2020 HEALTH AND SELF
5 reasons why you’ll achieve more when you’re confident at work

MANILA, Philippines – I was introduced to the concept of confidence as early as 11 years old, when my grade 5 teacher asked me to perform Jules Feiffer’s I lost my bear in front of the whole school. ...