Promil Gold Four
PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is the only one that contains the GOLD BIOFACTORS SYSTEM®, expertly-designed nutrition to support strong minds and bodies for your child’s advanced learning. It contains: · DHA, Choline and Lutein – a unique combination of brain nutrients clinically-proven to work together to improve your child’s memory and brain activity. · Anti-Oxidants to help maintain the body’s immunity and natural defenses. · Growth Nutrients to support your child’s weight and height. · Dietary Fibers to help support your child’s gastro-intestinal health.
May 2020
11:11am, May 29, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
WATCH: Continuing education for AlphaKids at home

MANILA, Philippines – One of the biggest questions on many parents’ minds right now is the status of their kids’ education. With kids staying at home right now, the implication is that parents are ...

02:43pm, May 22, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
WATCH: Ensuring AlphaKids’ nutrition while at home

MANILA, Philippines – Nutrition has always played an important role in a child’s development, extending to their learning and social needs as well. These all play into the brain development and ...

10:59am, May 15, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
WATCH: Leveraging technology for AlphaKids at home

MANILA, Philippines – Technology plays an important role in education, now more than ever. This is especially true during this enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Without the classroom setting, ...

05:36pm, May 06, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
WATCH: Keeping AlphaKids ahead even at home

MANILA, Philippines – By 2025, the Alpha Generation, or those born from 2010-2025 will account for 2 billion of the global population. They are the children of millennial parents. Uniquely raised by ...

Feb 2020
10:12am, Feb 05, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
ROUNDTABLE: Helping kids keep up in the age of digital learning

MANILA, Philippines – Studies show that the generation of children today are learning increasingly through online screens and gamification. However, this increasing presence of technology in ...

May 2017
07:09pm, May 26, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
What skills do parents need to raise future-ready kids?

MANILA, Philippines – As our way of life continues to evolve, so does parenting. Amor Arandia, a licensed psychologist and psychotrauma counselor and therapist at the University of Santo Tomas ...