Going cashless is easy with Visa Debit. Secured by EMV technology, it’s your easy way to make purchases and pay bills 24/7 everywhere Visa is accepted. #StepUp
Jun 2018
02:35pm, Jun 18, 2018 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Bianca Gonzalez answers your questions about going cashless

MANILA, Philippines — Worldwide, countries have made the transition to a cashless society. Is the Philippines keeping up? Locally, cashless behavior is steadily growing popular. In a survey by ...

Sep 2017
12:35pm, Sep 13, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Here’s how you can step it up for your family

MANILA, Philippines – In Filipino families, there are many traditions that involve financial responsibilities. Next to the parents, the breadwinner is usually the eldest child. When someone in the ...

Aug 2017
01:43pm, Aug 30, 2017 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
From a honeymoon in Buenos Aires, ‘La Cabrera’ was born

MANILA, Philippines – When newlyweds go on a honeymoon, they usually bring home a piece of good news, a new family member, or a ref magnet. But when Carlo Calma Lorenzana and his wife, Julia ...

01:52pm, Aug 18, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
INFOGRAPHIC: Why you should switch from ATM to debit card

MANILA, Philippines – Why do more and more Filipinos prefer to pay through debit card? It’s safe, convenient, and it allows you to do many things an ATM can't – like shopping, booking flights and ...

04:34pm, Aug 03, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
5 ways debit cards help you step up

MANILA, Philippines – “Going cashless” may sound like a thing of the future. But for those who want better control over their card payments, using a debit card to shop or pay bills is a good place ...

Jun 2017
01:06pm, Jun 29, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
5 situations where going cashless gives you more

MANILA, Philippines – More Filipinos are preferring to go cashless, with a growing number of consumers owning one credit or debit card on average, according to a 2015 study by Visa. The research also ...

12:22pm, Jun 22, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
QUIZ: How good are you at “adulting?"

MANILA, Philippines – Older generations, time and again, have accused millennials of being entitled, self-absorbed, and narcissistic. Some employers tend to think that millennials are more demanding ...

May 2017
05:15pm, May 26, 2017 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Defying the notion of the ‘financially fragile’ millennial

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino millennials get a bad rap when it comes to money. Studies indicate that this generation – or those in their 20s and 30s – is not responsible when it comes to managing ...