Agos is a collaborative platform that combines top-down government action with bottom up civic engagement to help communities mitigate risks and deal with climate change and natural hazards. Using mobile and web technologies and social media, it ensures the flow of critical and actionable information to those who need it before, during, and after disasters and connects those who need help directly with those who can truly help. Powered by the bayanihan spirit, it mobilizes different sectors of society and transforms ordinary citizens into movers who are helping build a more resilient nation. Discover Agos by clicking any of the quick links below: #WeatherAlert Views Hazard Maps Discuss & Debate Knowledge Base

Disaster preparedness is key to survival. Learn how to prepare yourself and your community for disasters and how to mitigate the impact of climate change. Then share the stories and the knowledge to build more resilient communities.

During times of crisis, information is as critical as food and shelter. Learn how to better respond to a disaster and know about the people who put their lives on the line to save others. Help crowdsource and communicate critical information that could save lives.

With every disaster comes stories of hope and renewal. Learn how to recover from a disaster and read the inspiring stories of those who did and dared, despite the challenges. Find out who you can help rebuild your community.


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