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PHvote | May 14, 2013
Posted on 05/14/2013 6:05 AM  | Updated 05/18/2013 11:40 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Welcome to #PHvote 2013, Rappler’s coverage of the midterm elections anchored by Maria Ressa with Ayee Macaraig in Cebu, Natashya Gutierrez in Cavite, Carmela Fonbuena in Pangasinan, Katherine Visconti in Taguig City, Aya Lowe in Makati, Ace Tamayo in Quezon City, Patricia Evangelista and Jerald Uy in Manila and Angela Casauay in Cotabato City.

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  • Election results update
  • Live report from MovePH by Buena Bernal
  • Reports from Move Ambassadors concerning vote-buying and violence
  • Live report Josh talks about Social Media team
  • #ipasoksidick trends worldwide
  • Pangasinan race: Amado Espino leads Hernani Braganza 528,414 to 190,369
  • Manila mayoral race: Erap leads Alfredo Lim 288,058 to 257,631
  • Rappler desk editor Miriam Grace Go updates on stagnant status of race

  • Election results update: Roughly 52.49% of the votes are coming in
  • Natashya Gutierrez reports on Team PNoy and their message of “Tuwid na Daan” or the straight path and how that helped in winning the elections
  • Ayee Macaraig reports on the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)
  • Glenda Gloria of the Rappler desk discusses Team PNoy

  • Ayee Macaraig reports live from Cebu
  • Angela Casauay reports from Pangasinan
  • Carmela Fonbuena reports live from Pangasinan
  • Report from Move Ambassador

  • Natashya Gutierrez reports live from Cavite
  • Live report from MovePH by Zak Yuson
  • Rappler Ambassador Giano Libot live from CDO
  • Interview with Pulse Asia's Ana Tabunda on surveys and election results

  • Interview with Team PNoy spokesman and Marikina representative Miro Quimbo
  • Live report from MovePH by Zak Yuson
  • Interview with UP Sociology Professor Nicole Curato

  • Patricia Evangelista at the declaration of Erap’s Mayoral Victory
  • Election results: Grace Poe still number 1. Order of candidates hasn’t changed
  • Senator Loren Legarda Interview

  • Election results with 54.11% voter turnout
  • Interview with UP Diliman Political Anthropologist Nestor Castro
  • Live report from MovePH by Voltaire Tupaz

  • Paterno Esmaquel reports live from PICC
  • Live report from MovePH by Thea Teves - Breaking report: Kaka cracks glass ceiling
  • Katherine Visconti reports live from Taguig
  • Carmella Fonbuena reports from Pangasinan
  • Carlos Santamaria from Rappler desk reports on “How are the elections being viewed outside of the Philippines?”
  • Live report from Social Media by Bea Cupin

  • Comelec Chair Sixto Brillantes press conference from PICC
  • Election results review by Josh Villanueva
  • Angela Casauay reports live from ARMM
  • Paterno Esmaquel reports live from PICC on Chairman Brillantes
  • Natashya Gutierrez reports live from Cavite - Cavite Provincial Capital postpones canvassing until the following morning
  • Ace Tamayo reports live from Team PNoy HQ from Makati - Great jubilation from Drilon on Grace Poe’s surprise ranking
  • Interview with son and campaign coordinator of Grace Poe, Brian Poe Llamanzares

  • Natashya Gutierrez reports live from Cavite regarding the gubernatorial race there - Remulla wins against Maliksi 402,889 to 352,538
  • Interview with UNA campaign manager Toby Tiangco
  • Pia Ranada of Rappler desk reports on the status of celebrities who ran in the 2013 elections
  • Thea Teves of MovePH discusses reports from Rappler Ambassadors
  • Bea Cupin of the Social Media team reports


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