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Merkel's would-be successors announce bids for party leader

Feb 26, 2020 - 11:20 AM

With all to play for, knives are already drawn

CDU SPEECH. German Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel gives a speech. Photo by Odd Andersen/AFP

Merkel's crisis-hit CDU launches leadership race

Feb 25, 2020 - 9:47 AM

Merkel's longtime rival Friedrich Merz is expected to throw his hat in the ring

TENSE. German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for the weekly cabinet meeting at the Chancellery in Berlin on January 15, 2020. Photo by Tobias Schwarz/AFP

Merkel gets boost with ally's party win

Dec 08, 2018 - 10:17 PM

The career politician dubbed "mini Merkel" by the media is now in pole position to lead Germany's biggest party into the next general election, set for 2021

WIN. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) walks past her successor, newly-elected leader of the Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer during the CDU congress on December 8, 2018 at a fair hall in Hamburg, northern Germany. Photo by John Macdougall/AFP

Merkel defends legacy as divided party picks new leader

Dec 07, 2018 - 9:02 PM

Pointing to the rise of populism worldwide and what she called a breakdown of shared Western values, Merkel says the order she had championed is at risk

ANGELA MERKEL. German Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel gives a speech during a party congress of Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party on December 7, 2018 in Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Odd Andersen/AFP

Favored Merkel successor vows to pursue chancellor's path

Nov 07, 2018 - 10:49 PM

The 56-year-old Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, usually dubbed 'AKK' or 'mini-Merkel,' is running in December to take over as head of the center-right Christian Democratic Union

Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer delivers a press conference on her candidacy to lead the CDU party in Berlin, on November 7, 2018. German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not stand for a re-election as party leader at the CDU Party conference in Hamburg from 6 to 8 December 2018. Twelve men and women applied for her successor. Opportunities are currently granted only to the prominent candidate - in addition to Kramp-Karrenbauer are the German Health Minister Jens Spahn and ex-Union faction leader Friedrich Merz. John MACDOUGALL / AFP

Merkel quells party rebellion ahead of coalition deal vote

Feb 26, 2018 - 12:52 PM

Merkel has looked severely weakened in recent months given her protracted struggle to put together a viable coalition for her fourth and possibly final term

PARTY LEADER. In this file photo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to journalists as she arrives at the CDU headquarters on November 17, 2017 in Berlin. John Macdougall/AFP

Erdogan wades into German election, Berlin hits back

Aug 19, 2017 - 11:01 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls on ethnic Turks to ignore Chancellor Angela Merkel s Christian Democratic Union and their partners in the grand ruling coalition the Social Democratic Party

GERMAN ELECTION. In this file photo, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during the Living Human Treasures award ceremony at the Bestepe National Congress and Culture Center in Ankara on November 3, 2016. File photo by Adem Altan/AFP

Germany wants to fine social networks like Facebook for fake news

Dec 20, 2016 - 3:10 PM

A proposed bill could see companies like Facebook fined up to €500 000 519 925 per fake news post

Weakened Merkel embarks on tough German election campaign

Dec 08, 2016 - 1:15 PM

Germany s ruling conservatives may have re elected Angela Merkel as their leader once again but they have also sent her into next year s election campaign with a stern warning ringing in her ears

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps up to the podium during the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party's congress in Essen, western Germany, on December 6, 2016. Patrik Stollarz/AFP

Merkel under pressure after poll defeat to anti-migrant party

Sep 05, 2016 - 8:32 AM

UPDATED The xenophobic Alternative for Germany AfD clinched around 21 in its first bid for seats in the regional parliament of Mecklenburg Western Vorpommern

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party campaign on the eve of state election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in Bad Doberan, eastern Germany, on September 3, 2016. Adam Berry / AFP

Germany's anti-migrant populists beat Merkel's party in local vote

Sep 04, 2016 - 12:35 PM

3rd UPDATE German Chancellor Angela Merkel s Christian Democratic Union gets just 19 in Mecklenburg Western Vorpommern – its worst showing there

MATE. German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party campaign on the eve of state election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Eastern Germany, on September 3, 2016. Photo by Adam Berry/AFP

Merkel in firing line over refugees after regional vote 'debacle'

Mar 14, 2016 - 3:41 PM

UPDATED The elections are largely regarded as a referendum on Merkel s decision to open the country s doors to people fleeing war

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), at the final campaign event of the CDU Baden-Wuerttemberg, in Haigerloch, Germany, March 12, 2016. Daniel Mauerer/EPA

Merkel's CDU in poll hammering as backing for populist AfD surges

Mar 14, 2016 - 9:12 AM

Merkel s Christian Democratic Union CDU is defeated in 2 of 3 states in regional elections and scores a historic low 27 in its stronghold Baden Wuerttemberg

DISAPPOINTMENT. Supporters of Angela Merkel's CDU party react after state elections exit poll results are announced on tv an election party in Berlin on March 13, 2016. Jens Kalaene/AFP

Germany praises Greek stance shift in debt talks

Aug 16, 2015 - 5:52 PM

Germany s finance minister Wolfgang Shaeuble hails Greece but warns that Europe will closely monitor reforms in Athens

Germany's Merkel agrees coalition with Social Democrats

Nov 27, 2013 - 2:10 PM

A key hurdle remains: a binding SPD membership ballot next month must still sign off on the proposed left right grand coalition

COALITION BUILDING. Chairman of the German Christian Social Union (CSU) party, Horst Seehofer (L), and acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party arrive at the 'Willy-Brandt-Haus', the headquarters of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) for coalition talks, in Berlin, Germany, 26 November 2013. EPA/Kay Nietfeld

Merkel, defeated rivals agree to seek grand coalition

Oct 17, 2013 - 10:45 PM

Merkel s Christian Democratic Union allies Christian Social Union and center left Social Democratic Party will now formally recommend the launch of coalition talks to their party committees

Merkel set for third round of coalition talks with Social Democrats

Oct 15, 2013 - 12:46 PM

CDU secretary general Hermann Groehe said a formal decision on more talks would be made later Tuesday

CDU TOP BRASS. Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery and German Minister for Special Affairs Ronald Pofalla, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hesse state governor Volker Bouffier and Bavaria state governor and Christian Social Union (CSU) party chairman Horst Seehofer in Berlin, Germany, 14 October 2013. EPA/Tim Brakemeier

Merkel clinches historic win in German elections

Sep 23, 2013 - 9:21 AM

UPDATED The 59 year old leader resoundingly clinched another four year stint at the helm Europe s top economy and looked poised to form a grand coalition with her chief rivals the Social Democrats SPD

VICTORY PARTY. German Chancellor and candidate for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel celebrates at her CDU party's headquarters in Berlin on September 22, 2013, after the German general elections. AFP / Johannes Eisele

Merkel receives rousing pre-vote 'save the world' chorus

Sep 22, 2013 - 8:41 AM

Merkel s success in holding on to power with her current coalition hinges on the precarious fate of her FDP junior partners

INCUMBENT. German Chancellor Angela Merkel waves during an election campaign event of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party on September 21, 2013 in Stralsund, eastern Germany. AFP/John Macdougall

Merkel suffers major setback in German state vote

May 14, 2012 - 6:52 AM

Voters in a snap poll hand down the party of Germany s chancellor its worst result in a western state