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DR Congo reports fresh Ebola outbreak

Jun 01, 2020 - 11:46 PM

The 11th Ebola outbreak in the vast central African country's history comes just weeks before it had hoped to declare the end of the 10th in the east

EBOLA. This handout picture released by Doctors Without Borders on November 14, 2019, shows a health worker preparing a syringe before administrating it as a first injection of the new Ebola vaccine to people at the MSF facilities in the North Kivu capital of Goma. AFP PHOTO/HO/MSF

Ebola cases in DR Congo break 2,000 mark

Jun 05, 2019 - 12:29 AM

There have been fewer attacks on Ebola teams by armed groups, which means health workers have 'recovered some of the lost time to contain the spread of the epidemic'

EBOLA DEATHS. Health workers prepare to bury a coffin containing a victim of the ebola virus on May 16, 2019 in Butembo. Photo by John Wessels/AFP

D.R. Congo rolls out prototype Ebola drugs as death toll rises to 67

Aug 25, 2018 - 11:38 PM

The health ministry says 4 other experimental drugs had been approved for treating infected patients

Ebola death toll in DR Congo rises to 27

Jun 06, 2018 - 10:37 PM

The current Ebola outbreak is still on a low scale compared with a 3-nation epidemic that occurred between 2013-15 but has stirred wide concern

QUARANTINE. Health workers operate within an Ebola safety zone in the Health Center in Iyonda, near Mbandaka, on June 1, 2018. Photo by Junior D. Kannah/AFP

Superstition stopping Ebola victims from seeking medical care

May 23, 2018 - 5:49 PM

In Geneva, African health officials say they are preparing to send anthropologists to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help with an Ebola vaccination campaign

EBOLA VACCINE. Nurses working with the World Health Organization (WHO) prepare to administer vaccines at the town all of Mbandaka on May 21, 2018 during the launch of the Ebola vaccination campaign.  Photo by Junior D. Kannah/AFP

Death toll in DR Congo Ebola outbreak now at 27

May 22, 2018 - 10:42 PM

So far, there have been 51 cases since the outbreak was declared on May 8, says the DRC health ministry

EBOLA VACCINE. Nurses working with the WHO (World Health Organization) administer the Ebola vaccine to a local doctor at the town all of Mbandaka on May 21, 2018 during the launch of the Ebola vaccination campaign.  Photo Junior Kannah/AFP

WHO says Ebola outbreak has spread to a Congo city

May 17, 2018 - 5:29 PM

(UPDATED) The outbreak, publicly declared on May 8, had previously been reported in a rural area of Equateur that lies roughly 150 kilometers from the city

EBOLA IN CONGO. In this handout photograph released by UNICEF on May 13, 2018, a health worker wears protective equipment as he looks on at Bikoro Hospital - the epicenter of the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo - on May 12, 2018, which has sealed off a ward to diagnose suspected Ebola patients and provide treatment. Photo by Mark Naftalin/UNICEF/AFP

West Africa marks end of recent Ebola outbreak

Jun 09, 2016 - 8:40 PM

UPDATED Liberia the worst hit country now enters a 90 day period of heightened surveillance for any new cases

epa05239933 A Liberian man pours sanitizer as part of measures to help curb the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, in downtown Monrovia, Liberia, 01 April 2016. According to meda reports on 01 April 2016, a Liberian woman has died of Ebola, despite the country having been declared Ebola-free by health officials. EPA/AHMED JALLANZO

Diamond exports in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone plummet in 2015

Feb 25, 2016 - 12:52 PM

The exports fall by 20 as the Ebola virus prevents miners from going into fields

epa01028505 Picture made available 04 June 2007 shows a Lebanese diamond dealer sorting a collections of rough diamonds by size in his shop in Koidu town eastern Sierra Leone, 23 May 2007. During Sierra Leone's 11-year civil war which ended in 2002 Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels occupied the diamond fields exchanging 'blood diamonds' for weapons to fuel their brutal campaign. On 04 June 2007 the RUF's chief backer, former Liberian president Charles Taylor, goes on trial in The Hague before the Special Court for Sierra Leone charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and violations of international law becoming the first African head of state to face such charges. Meanwhile in Sierra Leone the rebels are gone but an estimated 200,000 continue to mine diamonds as they did during the war. Last year Sierra Leone's official diamond exports were worth $136-million yet the country remains desperately poor. EPA/TUGELA RIDLEY

109 quarantined in Sierra Leone after new Ebola death

Jan 17, 2016 - 11:10 AM

Of the 109 who had been in contact with the victim 28 are considered high risk

FIGHTING THE DISEASE. Ebola has claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people since 2013. File photo by Dominique Faget/AFP

PH military bases, Mamasapano probe, WHO on ebola | 12PM wRap

Jan 14, 2016 - 12:00 PM

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West Africa counts economic cost as Ebola outbreak ends

Jan 13, 2016 - 8:32 PM

The mining agriculture and tourism industries are trying to recover from the effects of the epidemic

WHO to declare Ebola outbreak over

Jan 13, 2016 - 7:30 PM

The World Health Organization s announcement is expected on January 14 with Liberia in the clear

epa05053738 Liberian ebola survivors, Nathan Gbotoe(2-L), and his son, Abraham Gbotoe (C) walks away during discharging ceremony from the ELWA Ebola Treatment Unit in Monrovia, Liberia, 03 December 2015. Three new cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Liberia less than three months after the country was declared free of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said. EPA/AHMED JALLANZO

WHO declares end of Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Nov 07, 2015 - 9:51 PM

The announcement represents a hugely significant milestone in UN backed efforts to wipe out Ebola leaving neighbouring Guinea as the only country still registering cases

WHO to declare end of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Nov 07, 2015 - 2:10 PM

Aside from deaths the crisis has also wiped out development gains in the nation devastated by 11 years of civil war ending in 2002

EBOLA-FREE. Taken in 2014, Liberian health workers in protective gear on the way to bury a woman who died of the Ebola virus from the isolation unit. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

WHO chief calls for urgent transformation of global epidemic response

Aug 24, 2015 - 8:55 PM

We need to put in place corrective strategies just as quickly as possible WHO Director General Margaret Chan tells a committee created to review why existing international health regulations failed to prevent the deadly Ebola outbreak

UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. China's Margaret Chan, General Director of the World Health Organization, WHO, addresses her statement during the special session on Ebola of the Executive Board, at the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland, Sunday, January 25, 2015. Salvatore di Nolfi/EPA

World's largest Ebola unit dismantled as outbreak retreats

Jan 28, 2015 - 10:06 PM

Five months later to the day it registered no patients at all for the first time and staff this week mark a drastic retreat of an epidemic which has killed thousands by dismantling and burning the first tent put up at the clinic

Photo taken on January 27, 2015 shows tents being dismantled after Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF) decommissioned the first section of the ELWA III Ebola Management Center in Monrovia. AFP PHOTO / ZOOM DOSSO AFP PHOTO / ZOOM DOSSO

Ebola 'challenge' will promote unity in west Africa: AU chief

Jan 06, 2015 - 10:45 PM

The serious challenge will help countries in the region to come out more determined to unite through our bilateral relations which have been very strong says Afican Union chief Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz  File photo by Olivier Hoslet/EPA

Italian doctor cured of Ebola to leave hospital

Jan 02, 2015 - 11:54 PM

Italian health officials say the doctor identified only as Fabrizio will soon leave the Spallanazin hospital in Rome where he has been treated since November 25

ile photo by Zoom Dosso/AFP

Ebola nurse treated in London as Sierra Leone rate spikes

Dec 30, 2014 - 9:23 PM

It is the first time someone has tested positive for Ebola in Britain and she is the second to be treated for the virus after fellow nurse William Pooley who made a full recovery earlier this year

TREATMENT. A healthcare worker who was diagnosed with Ebola after returning from Sierra Leone is wheeled in a quarantine tent trolley onto a Hercules Transport plane at Glasgow International Airport on December 30, 2014, bound for The Royal Free hospital in London. AFP PHOTO / STR

Hollow tree was Ebola's Ground Zero – scientists

Dec 30, 2014 - 7:24 PM

The finger of suspicion points at insectivorous free tailed bats that live in a hollow tree in a remote village in Guinea

Up to one million facing hunger in Ebola-hit countries: UN

Dec 17, 2014 - 8:40 PM

The number of people facing food insecurity due to the Ebola epidemic in Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone could top one million by March 2015

Liberian street artist Stephen Doe paints on September 8, 2014 a mural to inform people about the symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus in Monrovia. Photo by Dominique Faget / AFP

'We were slow,' WHO admits mistakes in Ebola response

Dec 10, 2014 - 10:31 PM

It is fair to say the whole world including WHO failed to see what was unfolding what was going to happen in front of our eyes WHO director general Margaret Chan tells BBC in an interview

In this file photo, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, briefs the UN General Assembly on ebola, 25 February 2014, United Nations, New York. Mark Garten/UN Photo

Cured Ebola doctor returns to Cuba

Dec 07, 2014 - 8:29 AM

Felix Baez Sarria contracted Ebola while deployed to help people infected with the disease in Sierra Leone

TO THE FRONTLINE. The first members of a team of 165 Cuban doctors and health workers unload boxes of medicines and medical material from a plane upon their arrival at Freetown's airport to help the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, on October 2, 2014. Florian Plaucheur/AFP

WHO 'wasted precious time' over Ebola – expert

Dec 04, 2014 - 12:12 AM

Peter Piot the Belgian microbiologist who co discovered the Ebola virus says while an initial delay in confirming the outbreak could be expected there was no excuse for waiting 5 months before acknowledging the extent of the crisis

ANOTHER VICTIM. Liberian nurses bury the body of an Ebola victim in the Banjor Community on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia 06 August 2014. Ahmad Jallanzo/EPA

Ebola toll nears 7,000: WHO

Nov 30, 2014 - 7:45 AM

A total of 16 169 people are infected with Ebola 6 928 died in the three countries at the centre of the outbreak: Sierra Leone Guinea and Liberia

CURBING EBOLA. A Liberian man walks past an Ebola information poster as a measure to curb the spread of the Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia 16 October 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

Long wait yet for Ebola vaccine: experts

Nov 27, 2014 - 10:23 PM

The candidate vaccine dubbed cAd3 ZEBOV was well tolerated by healthy adults – though this did not mean they were protected

UN opens Ebola office in Mali as two new cases emerge

Nov 26, 2014 - 10:53 PM

The office of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response UNMEER is headed by Dr Ibrahima Soce Fall the World Health Organization country representative in Mali

UN Ebola victim leaves France after recovery

Nov 23, 2014 - 10:43 PM

The official is the second person to recover in France after a French nurse who worked for Doctors Without Borders MSF in Liberia was successfully treated at the same military hospital in September

CURED. Avigan, a drug approved as an anti-influenza drug in Japan, was given to a French nurse who contracted Ebola in Liberia. French health minister Marisol Touraine says the nurse has been cured of Ebola. File photo by Kimimasa Mayama/EPA

Cuban doctor contracts Ebola in S.Leone

Nov 19, 2014 - 10:59 PM

As efforts to fight the outbreak in the 3 worst hit countries of Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea intensify after a lackluster start Cuba has played a major role sending around 250 doctors and nurses to the region

MEDICAL MISSION. The first members of a team of 165 Cuban doctors and health workers unload boxes of medicines and medical material from a plane upon their arrival at Freetown's airport to help the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, on October 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO FLORIAN PLAUCHEUR

Doctor with Ebola dies at Nebraska hospital

Nov 17, 2014 - 9:23 PM

3rd UPDATE A doctor from Sierra Leone who was being treated at a US hospital for Ebola has died

OMAHA, NE - NOVEMBER 15: Dr. Martin Salia, a surgeon infected with the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone, arrives at the Nebraska Medical Center on November 15, 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska. Salia arrived in Nebraska on Saturday after working at Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and testing positive for Ebola on Monday. Eric Francis/Getty Images/AFP

Liberia lifts Ebola state of emergency

Nov 13, 2014 - 9:40 PM

The epidemic killed nearly 30 000 Liberians but the announcement follows a dramatic recent drop in new cases

IN YOUR FACE. Photo made available 27 July 2014 of an Ebola poster being placed above a street in downtown Monrovia as Liberia marked its 167th Independence anniversary on 26 July 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

Tears of Spanish Ebola nurse as she leaves hospital

Nov 05, 2014 - 11:37 PM

I am here to thank everyone I am still very weak Teresa Romero 44 tells a news conference at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid where she has spent the past month mostly in isolation

An entry sign at the entrance to the Carlos III hospital is pictured in Madrid on October 8, 2014. Curto de la Torre/AFP

EU officials to travel to Ebola-hit west Africa next week

Nov 05, 2014 - 11:10 PM

The European leaders are set to visit Sierra Leone Liberia and Guinea from November 12 to November 16

A photograph made available 27 July 2014 shows Liberian health workers in protective gear on the way to bury a woman who died of the Ebola virus from the isolation unit in Foya, Lofa County, Liberia, 02 July 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

UN Ebola victim being treated in France

Nov 02, 2014 - 8:44 AM

The victim has been placed in isolation under high security in an army training hospital in Saint Mande near Paris

DAILY STRUGGLE. An Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) medical worker feeds an Ebola child victim at an MSF facility in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, on August 15, 2014. Carl de Souza/AFP

Ebola-hit Sierra Leone hits out at Canada over visa block

Nov 02, 2014 - 8:12 AM

Sierra Leone s deputy information minister says Canada s decision is discriminatory

US envoy sees 'first tangible signs' Ebola will be beaten

Oct 31, 2014 - 12:15 AM

We stand at a historic juncture We face the greatest public health crisis ever

EBOLA . UNICEF says Ebola is profoundly affecting the lives of children in Liberia, where the disease left 600 of them orphans. File photo by Dominique Faget/AFP

N. Korea orders Ebola quarantine on all foreigners

Oct 30, 2014 - 11:55 PM

Travelers to North Korea from regions or countries that Pyongyang considers affected by the Ebola virus will be quarantined for 21 days in a government appointed hotel under medical supervision

World Bank gives $100M for Ebola health workers

Oct 30, 2014 - 10:01 PM

We must urgently find ways to break any barriers to the deployment of more health workers says World Bank President Jim Yong Kim

US nurse bikes away, despite Ebola quarantine

Oct 30, 2014 - 9:50 PM

Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend rode their bicycles away from their house in the northeastern state of Maine as a gaggle of media looked on and cameras rolled

STIGMA. UN chief Ban Ki-Moon says health workers helping to fight Ebola in West Africa should be supported, not stigmatized through mandatory quarantine policies. File photo by Zoom Dosso/AFP

MSF warns Liberia Ebola 'progress' could be illusory

Oct 30, 2014 - 8:54 PM

It is too soon to draw conclusions on the reduction of Ebola cases in Monrovia says Fasil Tezera MSF head of mission in Liberia

MEDICATION. A photograph made available 13 October 2014 shows a Liberian health worker gives medication to a young Ebola patient at the MSF Treatment Unit in Monrovia, Liberia 20 September 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

New Ebola cases slowing in Liberia, but too soon to celebrate – WHO

Oct 30, 2014 - 12:06 AM

UPDATED It appears that the trend is real in Liberia and there may indeed be a slowing of the epidemic s spread there says WHO assistant director general Bruce Aylward

MEDICATION. A photograph made available 13 October 2014 shows a Liberian health worker gives medication to a young Ebola patient at the MSF Treatment Unit in Monrovia, Liberia 20 September 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

Second US Ebola nurse is cured

Oct 29, 2014 - 8:24 AM

Amber Vinson the Texas nurse who was the second US healthcare worker infected with Ebola leaves the hospital appearing healthy

Ebola virus survivor Amber Vinson speaks at news conference upon her discharge from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 28 October 2014. Vinson was one of two nurses who contracted Ebola while treating Liberian citizen Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, Texas. Duncan died from the disease. Erik S. Lesser/EPA

UN: Ebola quarantine stigmatizes health workers

Oct 28, 2014 - 4:35 AM

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says health workers returning from West Africa are exceptional and should be treated with respect

'EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE.' UN chief Ban Ki-Moon says health workers helping to fight Ebola in West Africa should be supported, not stigmatized through mandatory quarantine policies. File photo by Zoom Dosso/AFP

EU says 'increased' effort needed to tackle Ebola

Oct 20, 2014 - 11:16 PM

A united coordinated and increased effort is needed in order to contain the outbreak says the 28 EU ministers

EBOLA. Liberians read the public Daily Talk chalkboard discussing the Ebola outbreak in the Sinkor district of Monrovia, Liberia. File photo by Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

Obama names 'Ebola czar'

Oct 17, 2014 - 11:35 PM

UPDATED The new Ebola czar is lawyer Ron Klain a former senior White House aide to Obama and chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and former vice president Al Gore

Ban Ki-Moon: Time for ‘other countries’ to fight Ebola

Oct 17, 2014 - 3:38 AM

The head of the UN says beyond countries like the US and UK and developing countries like China and Cuba others must contribute more to stem Ebola

WHO ramping up Ebola protection efforts across Africa

Oct 17, 2014 - 12:48 AM

It will take time months before this outbreak is stopped In the meantime we need to make sure it doesn t spread to other countries says Isabelle Nuttall head of WHO s alert and response arm

STEP UP. WHO director of global capacities, alert and response global capacities Isabelle Nuttall listens to a question during a press conference on the Ebola epidemic outbreak on October 16, 2014 at the UN offices in Geneva. Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP

CDC cleared Ebola nurse to fly, mulls travel ban

Oct 16, 2014 - 11:32 PM

The decision to let her fly was based on in this case the disclosure from the health care worker in terms of her well being says CDC spokeswoman Barbara Reynolds

Haiti installs anti-Ebola border controls

Oct 16, 2014 - 11:17 PM

The Ministry of Health stressed that no case of the virus has been detected or revealed so far in Haiti

EBOLA. A Liberian woman reads an Ebola information poster on the prevention of the Ebola epidemic, during UNICEF's sensitization campaign at the Mission for Today Holy Church, in Newkru Town, Monrovia, Liberia, 22 June 2014. Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA