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WATCH: Original 'Encantadia' sang'gres reunite in new iflix project

Jan 19, 2019 - 10:18 AM

Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Karylle, and Diana Zubiri star in 'Mystified'

Veteran actor Chinggoy Alonso dies

Oct 17, 2017 - 9:45 AM

The actor dies after battling colon cancer

Are Max Collins and Pancho Magno engaged?

May 15, 2017 - 12:51 AM

On social media the GMA 7 stars post photos of Max wearing a diamond ring on her left hand

Eula Valdes plays new villain in 'Encantadia'

Feb 23, 2017 - 11:04 AM

UPDATED Encantadia is facing a new enemy – Eula plays Avria the queen of Etheria

HARA AVRIA. Eula Valdes is Avria, the queen of Etheria in 'Encantadia.' File photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler

WATCH: Stars do the Mannequin Challenge

Nov 22, 2016 - 2:39 PM

Anne Curtis Solenn Heussaff Beyonce Ellen DeGeneres Sarah Geronimo and other stars do the latest online craze

Diana Zubiri returns to 'Encantadia'

Oct 18, 2016 - 10:56 PM

Diana plays Lilasari a new antagonist in the show

Alden Richards to guest star on 'Encantadia'

Aug 17, 2016 - 11:38 PM

Alden is set to play a Mulawin named Lakan in the fantasy series

WATCH: Miguel Tanfelix back in Mulawin role on 'Encantadia'

Aug 15, 2016 - 11:49 PM

Miguel reprises the role of the half human half bird Mulawin he played in the 2004 show

LOOK: Image teases 'Mulawin' on 'Encantadia'

Aug 11, 2016 - 5:23 PM

Images posted online tease the return of the half human half bird race from the 2004 GMA fantaserye

WATCH: Conan Stevens's 'Encantadia' character unveiled

Aug 03, 2016 - 10:31 PM

Conan is set to play Vish ka the leader of the Askano a barbarian tribe from Sapiro

VISH'KA OF ASKANO. Conan Stevens reveals he will play Vish'ka, the leader of the Askanos, in 'Encantadia.' File photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

'Encantadia' star Gabbi Garcia: 10 cool things about the new Alena

Aug 02, 2016 - 7:23 PM

Get to know Gabbi as she steps into the role of the kindhearted but powerful keeper of the Brilyante ng Tubig

'Encantadia' star Kylie Padilla: Get to know the new Amihan

Jul 21, 2016 - 7:21 PM

Know more about Kylie the new keeper of the Brilyante ng Hangin

Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

'Encantadia' star Rocco Nacino on playing Aquil, Alfred Vargas' 'blessing'

Jul 18, 2016 - 9:22 PM

Rocco who is into martial arts shares what to expect from his character

Recap: 'Encantadia' 2016 pilot episode explores the past

Jul 18, 2016 - 8:46 PM

As Encantadia returns to Philippine television we learn more about the tumultuous past of its world

Screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

WATCH: Learn about the history of 'Encantadia'

Jul 17, 2016 - 10:52 AM

The 5th kingdom of Etheria is also shown in the primer

WATCH: Glaiza de Castro, Kylie Padilla face-off on 'Lip Sync Battle' PH

Jul 17, 2016 - 10:23 AM

Glaiza transforms into G Dragon of Big Bang while Kylie channels Christina Aguilera

'Encantadia' director Mark Reyes addresses expectations for show

Jul 14, 2016 - 8:40 PM

Definitely there will be a point of comparison for everything that is done [as] fantasy Mark Reyes clarifies as some individuals have compared the reboot to contemporary shows such as Game of Thrones

Screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

IN PHOTOS: Meet the cast of 'Encantadia' 2016

Jul 14, 2016 - 9:22 AM

See photos from the grand press conference of Encantadia 2016 where most of the cast members were present – even in full regalia

'Game of Thrones' actor joins 'Encantadia' 2016

Jul 10, 2016 - 8:57 PM

Conan Stevens who played Ser Gregor Clegane The Mountain in Game of Thrones season 1 joins Encantadia in a special role

WATCH: 'Encantadia' 2016 full trailer released, airing date announced

Jul 05, 2016 - 8:34 PM

Are you ready Encantadiks? Encantadia 2016 is coming to television screens sooner than you think: July 18

Sunshine Dizon's birthday wish: To get the justice that we all deserve

Jul 05, 2016 - 4:57 PM

I just pray and wish na makuha namin yung justice na we all deserve says Sunshine after her separation from husband Timothy Tan

'Encantadia' 2016 star Glaiza de Castro: 10 awesome things to know about the new Pirena

Jun 22, 2016 - 4:48 PM

Get to know more about Glaiza as she takes on the role of the keeper of the Fire Jewel

 SANG'GRE PIRENA. Actress Glaiza de Castro takes on the role of Pirena, the keeper of the fire gem in 'Encantadia' 2016. Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

[IN PHOTOS] 'Encantadia' 2016: Sang'gres in warrior costumes

Jun 20, 2016 - 8:59 PM

You ve seen the 4 sang gres look regal in their Francis Libiran designed gowns Now see Pirena Amihan Danaya and Alena get ready for war

Screengrab from Instagram/gmaencantadia

Jake Cuenca on World Cinema award, advice for young actors

Jun 19, 2016 - 3:05 PM

This is the second acting award Jake received for Mulat the first in 2014 at the International Film Festival Manhattan

Jake and director Diane Ventura show their awards from the World Cinema Festival during the mini press conference. Photo by Alexa Villano/Rappler

[WATCH] 'Encantadia' 2016 animated trailer: Sang'gres gear up for war

Jun 18, 2016 - 2:38 PM

Maibabalik ba ang kapayapaan? asks the voice of Imaw

WATCH: First 'Encantadia' 2016 trailer released

Jun 12, 2016 - 12:05 AM

The 4 sang gres showing off their warrior skills breathtaking landsacapes dragons and more in this newest look at the return of Encantadia to Philippine television

Screengrab from Facebook/Encantadia 2016

IN PHOTOS: 'Encantadia' 2016 cast at ToyCon PH 2016

Jun 11, 2016 - 10:53 PM

The four sang gres and other members of the cast greeted fans at ToyCon 2016

All photos by Paolo Abad/Rappler

LOOK: 'Game of Thrones' actor visits 'Encantadia' 2016 set

Jun 08, 2016 - 4:16 PM

Conan Stevens who played Ser Gregor Clegane aka the Mountain on Game of Thrones visits the set of the new Encantadia

Screengrab from Instagram/nacinorocco

[WATCH] Encantadia 2016: Sang'gres unleash their powers in promo video

Jun 03, 2016 - 10:41 AM

See the sang gres as well as Aquil and Ybarro go into action in a promotional video that previews GMA 7 s upcoming shows

Screengrabs from YouTube/GMA Network

Alfred Vargas on 'Encantadia' reboot, public service

May 11, 2016 - 8:08 PM

Alfred who played Aquil in the 2005 version talks about the show s comeback on television and being a government official

Sunshine Dizon will be in 'Encantadia' 2016

May 11, 2016 - 3:47 PM

Sunshine who played Pirena in the 2005 version will be part of the 2016 show in a special role

BACK IN ENCANTADIA. Sunshine Dizon confirms she will be part of the 'Encantadia' reboot. Here, she is pictured with Glaiza de Castro, who is set to play Pirena in the reboot. Sunshine originally played the keeper of the fire gem in the first run of the show. Screengrab from Instagram/@gabbyeigenmann

'Encantadia' 2016: Meet Sanya Lopez, the new Danaya

Apr 28, 2016 - 8:34 PM

Meet the adventurous actress who takes on the role of the keeper of the Earth Jewel

[LOOK] The new 'Encantadia': Concept art, costumes unveiled

Apr 07, 2016 - 9:32 PM

Head set designer Noel Layon Flores shares the fantastic concept art from the Encantadia reboot

Screengrabs from Instagram/@gmaencantadia

Meet the 4 new sang'gres of the 'Encantadia' 2016 reboot

Apr 04, 2016 - 8:10 PM

UPDATED Dingdong Dantes Solenn Heussaff John Arcilla Rocco Nacino and Ruru Madrid are also part of the new cast