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Claudine Barretto blasts Raymart Santiago over son Santino's incident with relative

Nov 29, 2016 - 3:59 PM

Claudine plans to file complaints against Raymart’s nephew for allegedly hurting their son Santino

Claudine Barretto on Rico Yan, Raymart Santiago

Jan 20, 2016 - 3:59 PM

Claudine says that she and Raymart have yet to get an annulment and are focused on raising their two kids She also talks about former flame Rico Yan who died in 2002

Claudine Barretto talks about upcoming movie, Raymart Santiago, and niece Julia

Oct 12, 2015 - 9:47 PM

After 5 years malaking bagay kasi ‘yun eh Talagang na boost ‘yung self esteem at self confidence ko says Claudine of her movie comeback

 BACK! Claudine Barretto at the premiere of 'Etiquette for Mistresses.' Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

Claudine Barretto on showbiz comeback, Raymart Santiago

Jun 30, 2015 - 5:14 PM

Claudine says that she and her estranged husband are now good friends

Claudine Barretto on Julia, Marjorie, Raymart

Mar 30, 2015 - 3:12 PM

Plus news on Claudine s movie comeback

Raymart Santiago says no second chance for him and Claudine

Jan 07, 2015 - 10:43 PM

He does say however that becoming friends is a possibility

Marikina Prosecutors Office dismisses 2 cases against Claudine Barretto

Aug 29, 2014 - 5:58 PM

This is in relation to the robbery and grave coercion and perjury charges filed against the actress by her two former helpers

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago: Are they finally ok?

Jun 29, 2014 - 3:00 PM

The actress posted photos of them together with their kids Have they finally settled everything between them?

#PugadBaboy: Claudine punchline 2

May 26, 2014 - 5:00 AM

#PugadBaboy: Claudine punchline 3

May 26, 2014 - 5:00 AM

#PugadBaboy: Claudine

May 26, 2014 - 5:00 AM

Claudine Barretto: Mark Anthony guy on Instagram a ‘friend’

May 07, 2014 - 4:59 PM

Has the beleaguered actress found a new man in her life – and a namesake of an ex lover at that?

Claudine Barretto speaks out about robbery charges

Apr 26, 2014 - 12:21 PM

Another development in the drama in the Barretto family This time Claudine Barretto calls out Gretchen Barretto and Raymart Santiago for their role in her legal troubles

CLAUDINE BARRETTO. The actress is also facing theft charges filed by her former personal assistant. Screengrab from YouTube (ABS-CBN News)

Gretchen on the 'pain and shame' of being a Barretto

Jan 28, 2014 - 10:22 PM

Gretchen Barretto opens up about her struggles in a conflicted and dysfunctional family

TELLING HER STORY. Gretchen Barretto reveals details about growing up in her family. Screen grab from her Instagram (@gretchenbarretto)

Claudine, mom to file case vs Gretchen

Jan 12, 2014 - 3:59 PM

No reconciliation any time soon for the Barretto sisters as Claudine and mother Inday eye to file a case against Gretchen

PUBLIC SPECTACLE. The Barretto feud continues in court. Photo from Claudine Barretto's Instagram (@claubarretto)

Gretchen: 'Claudine confined for drug abuse'

Oct 03, 2013 - 7:49 PM

Actress releases statement saying Raymart is telling the truth

FAMILY SITUATION. Claudine and Miguel Barretto. Photo from her Facebook

#PugadBaboy: For the Love of Raymart punchline 2

Oct 02, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Prejudice the sub judice rule and the Barretto vs Santiago case

#PugadBaboy: For the Love of Raymart punchline 3

Oct 02, 2013 - 5:00 AM

The Barreto vs Santiago case and the sub judice rule

#PugadBaboy: For the Love of Raymart

Oct 02, 2013 - 5:00 AM

The sub judice rule prejudgement and the Baretto vs Santiago case

Raymart Santiago: 'I didn't want it to come to this'

Oct 01, 2013 - 9:02 PM

I married Claudine thinking we would be together for the rest of our lives

DISTRESS. 'It was never my thing to talk about personal matters.' Photo from Raymart Santiago's Facebook

#PugadBaboy: The Eight Commandment punchline 3

Sep 28, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Plagiarism stealing and other crimes

#PugadBaboy: The Eighth Commandment

Sep 28, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Punishing stealing and plagiarism

#PugadBaboy: The Eighth Commandment punchline 2

Sep 28, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Punishments for stealing and plagiarism

#PugadBaboy: Showbiz Couples' Curse punchline 3

Sep 06, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Who is more believable: Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto?

#PugadBaboy: Showbiz Couples' Curse

Sep 06, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Who is more believable: Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto?

#PugadBaboy: Showbiz Couples' Curse punchline 2

Sep 06, 2013 - 5:00 AM

Who is more believable: Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto?

#PugadBaboy: Mga Importanteng Tanong

Sep 04, 2013 - 5:00 AM

What follows after MillionPeopleMarch and other important questions of the day

Claudine throws RA 9262 at Raymart

Aug 29, 2013 - 8:46 PM

Barretto formally charges estranged husband with violating Anti Violence against Women and their children Act

'This is what she wants. That's what i'll give,' Raymart says of Claudine's charges. Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN

Richard, Jodi present the “Heart” of “Be Careful”

Aug 09, 2013 - 8:07 PM

The leads of the noontime serye will present a glimpse of the frenzy behind the show s easy pace

A GLIMPSE INTO THEIR LIVES. Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria. Photo by Allan F. Sancon/ABS-CBN

Raymart allowed to see children

Aug 08, 2013 - 8:43 PM

Actor caught in marital turned legal crisis has his way for now meets children

HABEAS CORPUS VS TPO. A marital crisis goes to court. Photo from Claudine's Twitter (@itsmeclaudineb)

Raymart Santiago files for custody

Aug 07, 2013 - 4:36 PM

It s the actor s turn to go to court as he petitions for habeas corpus against Claudine

LEGAL BATTLE. Raymart and Claudine during happier days. Photo from Claudine's twitter (@itsmeclaudineb)

Gretchen finds 1st indie its own reward

Aug 02, 2013 - 4:53 PM

Actress says winning an award in Cinemalaya is far from her mind It s enough that she took part in an independent film

AFRAID OF HORROR. Gretchen at the set of 'The Diplomat Hotel.' Photo from the film's Facebook page

Randy disappointed at Claudine's 'lies'

Aug 01, 2013 - 2:10 PM

Raymart Santiago s eldest brother opens up in his behalf

PIECE OF HIS MIND. 'It's so unfair for Raymart,' laments Randy Santiago. Photo from his Facebook page

Statements latest chapter to Raymart-Claudine

Jul 31, 2013 - 1:37 PM

Actor denies oppressing his estranged wife accuses her in turn of making up stories

UPS AND DOWNS. The couple during happier times. Photo from the actress's Twitter (@itsmeclaudineb)

Claudine files TPO against Raymart

Jul 29, 2013 - 4:26 PM

The actress seeks protection for herself and for her children

'THREAT.' Firearms are in Santiago's possession, says Atty. Topacio. Photo from twitter.com/itsmeclaudineb

Gretchen Barretto's mom calls her 'liar'

Apr 24, 2013 - 6:29 PM

Inday Barretto spills the beans on her daughter

'YOU'RE A LIAR'. Inday Barretto defends Claudine against Gretchen. Photo from the 'Gretchen Barreto' Facebook page

Claudine, Raymart: 'Cooling off'

Apr 24, 2013 - 11:42 AM

Claudine’s mother Inday Barretto confirmed the news to Philippine Star s Ricky Lo

TAKING A BREAK? Claudine Barretto's mother Inday hopes the split is not permanent. Photo from the Claudine Barretto Facebook page

Tulfo eyes attempted homicide vs Santiagos

Jun 13, 2012 - 5:03 PM

Broadcaster Ramon Tulfo plans to upgrade the case against the celebrity Santiago couple from the original charge of physical injury and grave coercion

The untouchables

May 14, 2012 - 4:41 PM

Media has a right to its advocacy, and in fact should advocate, but to strap on a gun and say, 'try me,' is not being a journalist. It means being a thug.

Tulfo-Santiago beyond the 59-second video

May 13, 2012 - 12:10 AM

What happened before the brawl between Ramon “Mon” Tulfo Jr and couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto?

Mon Tulfo: TV5 wants to keep the ratings

May 12, 2012 - 2:27 PM

The May 7 rating of T3 the show of the Tulfo brothers Erwin Raffy and Ben was the highest it has recorded

mon Tulfo being interviewed in his office Wed 9 May 2012. Photo by John Javellana.

Tulfos' show gets 20-day suspension

May 10, 2012 - 1:41 PM

TV5 says the suspension is illegal and it violates press freedom

SUSPENDED SHOW. The MTRCB has suspended the Tulfo brothers' show, T3. Photo courtesy of TV5

Santiago vs Tulfo becomes Internet meme

May 09, 2012 - 11:24 PM

It was only a matter of time users have jumped on to the latest scandal and have given it their own twist

Mo Twister, Charice, and a Twitter joke gone wrong

May 09, 2012 - 5:56 PM

He has become infamous for his antics but it looks like Mo Twister has no plans of stopping

IN THE MIDDLE AGAIN. DJ Mo Twister finds himself in the middle of controversy anew. Photo from everythinginbudget.blogspot.com

Tulfo: TV5 suspended my brothers

May 09, 2012 - 12:49 PM

The suspension comes after TV5 called the Tulfo brothers unethical for threats they aired against actor Raymart Santiago and his wife

HARD-HITTING. Ramon Tulfo on air on DWIZ after the NAIA fist fight. Photo by Patricia Evangelista

TV5 hits Tulfo brothers

May 08, 2012 - 6:28 PM

The Tulfo brothers statements against actor Raymart Santiago are unethical and uncalled for TV5 says

TULFO BROTHERS. 'Unethical is how TV5 describes their statements against actor Raymart Santiago. Photo courtesy of TV5

Tulfo brothers apologize for remarks

May 08, 2012 - 3:42 PM

TV5 reports that its anchor Erwin Tulfo has said sorry for the remarks that he and his two other brothers made during their Monday show

#gotCCTV? Netizens poke fun at NAIA's lack of cams

May 08, 2012 - 2:26 PM

Celebrities netizens cleverly express disappointment on Twitter over NAIA s lack of CCTV cameras

Tulfo-Santiago brawl: Punishment for physical injuries

May 07, 2012 - 8:02 PM

Jail time fines and damages for causing injury to someone vary under the law

Netizens weigh in on Ramon Tulfo - Raymart Santiago airport scuffle

May 06, 2012 - 5:33 PM

Ramon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago engage in a brawl in NAIA