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Fiscal incentives rationalization to add P30B in PH annual revenue

Aug 19, 2014 - 6:57 PM

After 16 years the departments of Finance and Trade and Industry have reached an agreement and will submit the revised version of the bill this week

Petilla: No need for Aquino to invoke emergency powers if …

Aug 11, 2014 - 12:47 PM

… PSALM will be allowed to contract additional generation capacities to address the Luzon power crisis in 2015

#TalkThursday: A post-SONA assessment of the economy

Aug 01, 2014 - 9:23 PM

Rappler talks to IBON Foundation Executive Director Jose Africa on the 2014 SONA and the picture it paints of the Philippine economy

SONA Fact Check: Accurate land registries by 2015 ‘realistic’

Aug 01, 2014 - 8:04 PM

As of June 2014 the mapping of land ownership for tax purposes is 60 complete When finished it will also help solve agrarian reform disputes

LAND DISTRIBUTION. A Luisita farmer holds up a banner identifying the farmer-beneficiary awarded land through the government's agrarian reform program. File photo by Pia Ranada/Rappler

Rappler Newscast | July 31, 2014

Jul 31, 2014 - 8:17 PM

The government tells Filipinos “Leave Libya now Is the Philippines ready to deal with the Ebola virus? A Turkish official tells women not to laugh in public

SONA Fact Check: Gov't efforts hurting rice hoarders

Jul 31, 2014 - 7:09 PM

President Aquino says in his SONA that steps have been taken to achieve enough rice supply This way hoarders who cause prices to increase are frustrated

SONA Fact Check: Dike, dam pose environmental threats

Jul 31, 2014 - 7:00 AM

The Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike was rejected by the NEDA Board in May due to environmental and technical concerns Kaliwa Dam may inundate communities and forests near the river

Map of the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike Project. Image from

DOE: Malampaya shutdown can no longer be moved

Jul 30, 2014 - 11:41 PM

The Interruptible Load Program and energy conservation are the best options so far to mitigate the looming power shortage the department says

NO TO RESCHEDULE. Shell Philippines Exploration B.V., the consortium running the Malampaya natural gas platform, has informed the Department of Energy that it could no longer reschedule the maintenance shutdown of the facility. Image from Sembcorp Marine website

Customs adamant: Apply for accreditation by July 31 or else...

Jul 30, 2014 - 7:08 PM

Despite pleas the agency is not extending the deadline for the accreditation of brokers and importers

NO EXTENSION. Customs Commissioner John Sevilla reiterates the agency will no longer extend the deadline for the brokers and importers' accreditation.

With 2 years left in his term, Aquino has more to do, biz groups say

Jul 30, 2014 - 5:42 PM

President Aquino’s 5th State of the Nation Address earns raves rants from business groups and a former Cabinet official

Fifth SONA: The Unexpected

Jul 30, 2014 - 4:50 PM

Our OFWs shall be more than happy to be part of delivering solutions rather than discovering faults Can we not be authors of reforms too?

Mood Meter: Angrier with Aquino SONA in 2014

Jul 29, 2014 - 10:35 PM

The Angry votes are thrice as much in 2014 compared to 2013 on Rappler s Mood Meter on the President s State of the Nation Address

After Yolanda: State of Barangay 88

Jul 29, 2014 - 10:21 PM

Some residents of a community in Tacloban feel abandoned despite the deluge of international assistance and funding

Rappler Newscast | July 29, 2014

Jul 29, 2014 - 8:31 PM

Napoles now in Camp Bagong Diwa jail Aquino asks for understanding over Bangsamoro delay MH17 black boxes show crash caused by rocket shrapnel

Aquino's SONA speeches through the years

Jul 29, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Aquino s first SONA lasted 36 minutes and generated 32 rounds of applause His last one was an hour and 30 minutes long with 85 rounds of applause

5TH SONA. President Benigno Aquino III delivers this year his 2nd to the last State of the Nation Address. Photo by Rappler

'Teachers, OFWs, environment, other sectors ignored in SONA'

Jul 29, 2014 - 5:23 PM

Health workers students laborers indigenous peoples the urban poor and a host of other sectors are frustrated that Aquino had no room in his SONA for their issues and concerns

MISSING FROM SONA. Spokespersons from various advocacy and militant groups point out issues ignored by President Benigno Aquino III in his 5th State of the Nation Address. Photo by Pia Ranada/Rappler

Meralco gets ready for the looming power crisis

Jul 29, 2014 - 2:45 PM

As Malacañang mulls over a state of emergency declaration in the power sector Meralco has outlined steps it may take to help mitigate any power shortage in Luzon in 2015

GETTING READY. Meralco has already outlined action steps in response to the looming power crisis. File photo by Agence France-Presse / Jay Directo

SONA 2014: What Aquino did not say

Jul 29, 2014 - 9:40 AM

UPDATED The President was silent on the 3 biggest challenges he faced this year and for the first time did not blame former President Gloria Arroyo for the country s woes

NO MENTION. What issues did President Benigno Aquino III leave out during the 2014 State of the Nation Address? Photo by Rappler

FULL TRANSLATION: Aquino's 5th State of the Nation Address

Jul 28, 2014 - 11:33 PM

This is a translation of the 5th State of the Nation Address of President Aquino

Rappler Newscast | July 28, 2014

Jul 28, 2014 - 11:10 PM

President Benigno Aquino hits his detractors in his 5th SONA but is silent on 3 biggest issues in 2013 Investigators say crash of MH17 caused by massive explosive decompression

Aquino: Philippines ‘more open for business’

Jul 28, 2014 - 10:45 PM

In his 5th SONA the President urges his ‘bosses’ – the Filipino people – to choose a successor who will continue the economic reforms of his administration

SONA Protesters tell Aquino: No more excuses

Jul 28, 2014 - 10:40 PM

Protesters during SONA 2014 say they are no longer giving President Aquino the chance to make excuses

Aquino: Detractors 'enemies of transformation'

Jul 28, 2014 - 10:29 PM

The truth is these detractors are not against me but the people who benefit from the straight and narrow path says President Aquino

AGAINST TRANSFORMATIONS. President Benigno Aquino III hits detractors in his 5th State of the Nation Address. Photo by Rappler

Aquino asks for understanding over Bangsamoro law delay

Jul 28, 2014 - 10:00 PM

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr says it might be prudent to move the deadline to pass the measure by early 2015

PEACE. President Benigno Aquino III calls on Congress to try its best pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law by the end of 2014. Photo by Rey Baniquet/Malacanang Photo Bureau

Poe: Aquino ‘spot-on’ in need for reformist leader

Jul 28, 2014 - 9:45 PM

Senator Grace Poe who is getting high ratings in presidential surveys says the President correctly set the standard for his successor

Senators: SONA silent on FOI but showed ‘gentler Aquino’

Jul 28, 2014 - 8:15 PM

Before he defined very much an us and them situation I think he took a step back from that and I think that’s a good thing for the country Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr says of President Aquino

LIGHT MOMENT. President Aquino chats with senators and House of Representatives leaders at the VIP room before his 5th State of the Nation Address on July 28, 2014.

Aquino keeps mum on emergency powers proposal in SONA

Jul 28, 2014 - 7:29 PM

Instead he says he has instructed Energy Secretary Petilla to coordinate with other agencies and stakeholders in addressing the looming power shortage

POWER SHORTAGE. President Benigno Aquino III discusses in his State of the Nation Address on July 28, 2014 the looming blackouts Luzon is facing

Aquino appeals to supporters, belittles critics

Jul 28, 2014 - 7:19 PM

An emotional President Aquino makes references to his popular parents and reminds supporters to choose in 2016 somebody who will continue his reforms

NO MENTION. What issues did President Benigno Aquino III leave out during the 2014 State of the Nation Address? Photo by Rappler

FULL TEXT: Aquino's 5th State of the Nation Address

Jul 28, 2014 - 7:18 PM

This is the 5th State of the Nation Address of President Aquino

aquino sona 2014

Netizens on SONA 2014: No FOI?

Jul 28, 2014 - 6:58 PM

While they were disappointed over the President s non mention of the FOI bill his emotional mention of his parents and his answer to his critics and detractors were not lost on them

Wife of beheaded OFW joins SONA protesters

Jul 28, 2014 - 6:15 PM

Maribel A Esparez is among those who joined the rally She is not a jaded activist Maribel is just an ordinary citizen a mother to seven young children and wife to Overseas Filipino Worker

Water spray vs SONA 2014 protesters as barricades are toppled

Jul 28, 2014 - 6:07 PM

Protesters bring down barricades but are stopped by water spray

RED WATER SPRAY: Police uses colored water against SONA protesters. Photo by Dennis Sabangan/EPA

SONA protesters to Aquino: Time for excuses is over

Jul 28, 2014 - 5:08 PM

Hundreds gather to protest Aquino s 5th State of the Nation Address They say the time for giving him a chance is over

NO MORE NEXT CHANCE. Protesters during President Aquino's 5th State of the Nation Address say they've had enough of his promises. Photo by Pia Ranada/Rappler

Leftist lawmakers walk out as SONA begins

Jul 28, 2014 - 4:26 PM

UPDATED Makabayan bloc says it s now time to impeach the President who has further pushed our countrymen into increasing poverty

WALK OUT. Makabayan Bloc reps walks out of Congress at the start of President Benigno Aquino III's SONA. Photo by LeAnne/Rappler

MILF's Iqbal attends SONA

Jul 28, 2014 - 3:55 PM

The President is expected to tackle the Bangsamoro draft law during his SONA

READY. The Batasang Pambansa ahead of President Aquino's 2014 State of the Nation Address. Photo by Franz Lopez/Rappler

Weaker Senate opposition without Enrile?

Jul 28, 2014 - 3:20 PM

Deputy Minority Leader Vicente Tito Sotto III does not see any negative impact on checks and balances in the chamber We just have more work now

'NO DIFFERENCE.' Deputy Senate Minority Leader Tito Sotto says the minority will continue scrutinizing administration measures even without Enrile and Estrada.

HIGHLIGHTS: Aquino's 5th State of the Nation Address

Jul 28, 2014 - 3:18 PM

Watch and react to President Aquino's 5th SONA via the SONA 2014 Mood Meter and the live blog

Before SONA, Aquino OKs Yolanda rehab plans for Tacloban, 5 others

Jul 28, 2014 - 12:58 PM

Rehabilitation Secretary Panfilo Lacson says his office will submit to the President the P169 7 billion master rehabilitation plan by August 1

EVACUATING AGAIN. Hundreds of Yolanda (Haiyan) survivors, who still live in tents, return to the Tacloban Astrodome as Glenda (Rammasun) is set to affect Tacloban City. Photo by Roy Lagarde/Rappler

Belmonte proposes new committee to scrutinize gov't spending

Jul 28, 2014 - 12:07 PM

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr urges lawmakers to exercise oversight function over government agencies budget

OVERSIGHT. Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr wants the House of Representatives to look deeper into the budget of government agencies. Photo by Rappler

Customs: A year after SONA shaming

Jul 28, 2014 - 9:13 AM

How is the Customs doing a year after President Aquino singled it out in his SONA for being incompetent and corrupt?

HARD-PRESSED. Bureau of Customs Commissioner John Sevilla is leading the reforms meant to curb corruption and improve the collections of the agency

EDITORIAL CARTOON: The state of the nation

Jul 28, 2014 - 8:23 AM

There s an air of unease A sense of dissatisfaction A degree of uncertainty

Thousands set to rally against SONA 2014

Jul 27, 2014 - 9:52 PM

The Disbursement Acceleration Program Typhoon Yolanda response high electricity rates and poverty are just some of the reasons activists will take to the streets on Monday

PASSING VERDICT. Groups set to join the SONA rally on July 28 pass their own verdict of impeachment for President Benigno Aquino III. Photo by Pia Ranada/Rappler

React to Aquino's #SONA2014 on Rappler's Mood Meter

Jul 27, 2014 - 8:00 PM

Rappler s SONA2014 microsite will live stream the President s speech on July 28 and allow you to react to each statement he makes by either voting on a mood or commenting on that specific statement

Fiscal incentives bill: Is it really priority?

Jul 27, 2014 - 6:13 PM

Now 15 years pending in Congress will this measure be passed before President Aquino’s term ends in 2016?

A state of inertia

Jul 27, 2014 - 6:00 PM

The next two years should compel President Aquino and his government to give the Philippines what it truly needs even if it’s not what he and his allies want

Businessmen’s SONA 'wishes'

Jul 27, 2014 - 5:01 PM

As President Aquino delivers his 5th SONA on July 28 businessmen say their top 3 wishes are improved competitiveness increased foreign direct investments and more jobs

Aquino in 'high spirits' before 5th SONA

Jul 27, 2014 - 2:20 PM

Malacañang says the President is unfazed about the recent political controversies rocking his administration

Smiles and frowns tell the #storyofthenation

Jul 24, 2014 - 4:34 PM

Every Filipino has a story to share tell us yours

PNP to deploy 10,000 cops for SONA 2014

Jul 22, 2014 - 5:38 PM

Four police groups under a super task force will be deployed to provide security during the 5th State of the Nation Address of President Aquino

POLICE PREPS. In this file photo, President Benigno Aquino III joins DILG Secretary Mar Roxas (L) and PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima (R) during a command conference in Camp Crame. File photo courtesy of the PNP PIO

#SONA2013: Key issues Aquino will tackle

Jul 21, 2013 - 10:31 PM

The peace process his firm stand against China spectacular economic numbers that need to be felt by the poor all these are expected to be in President Aquino s 4th State of the Nation Address on July 22