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Having sex in older age could make you happier and healthier – new research

Sep 28, 2019 - 11:00 AM

New research seems to indicate that the less sex older people have, the more likely they are to experience mental and physical health problems

BENEFITS OF SEX. Older couples stand to gain helath benefits from sex. shutterstock/Roman Samborskyi

Why a glass of red wine is good for your gut

Aug 31, 2019 - 1:30 PM

A study adds to the growing body of evidence that red wine can, when drunk in moderation, have positive effects on health

What Duterte government’s P100M subsidies can do for PGH patients

Jul 31, 2018 - 9:00 AM

With quicker turnover of patients, funds for medical tests, and access to free medicine in a matter of days, the Philippine General Hospital can treat more indigents

Weekend exercise may be as good as daily workouts – study

Jan 10, 2017 - 2:51 AM

The study stops short of proving cause and effect because it is based on people who filled out health surveys in Britain and relies on their self reported exercise intensity and duration

EXERCISE. A family exercising in the Philippines. Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler.

Happy news! Masturbation actually has health benefits

Jan 06, 2016 - 11:19 AM

In actual fact masturbation has many health benefits

US Medicare in the PH? Not likely

Jul 18, 2015 - 10:31 PM

Medicare is not portable and chances are unlikely for legislation mandating coverage beyond US borders and territories in the foreseeable future

Beloved in antiquity, Greece's hot springs left untapped

Apr 08, 2014 - 1:42 PM

Will bathing in a hot spring regularly improve your health?

FOR HEALTH. A man enjoys a bath at the hot springs of the famous Thermopylae ('the hot gates') in central Greece on March 19, 2014. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI

A world of rice

May 19, 2013 - 2:24 PM

FoodieFridays: There s a new menu in town and it s all about rice meals from all over the world

WORLD OF RICE. Rice dishes from all over the world are the focus of Oakwood Ortigas' new menu. All photos by Pia Ranada