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Lonely furrow: Little pay dirt for organic farming in Japan

Jun 09, 2018 - 2:00 PM

One of the problems faced by shops offering organic food is a Japanese obsession with how fruit and vegetables look and are packaged

Organic farming helps lessen health risks in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur

Apr 21, 2018 - 9:00 AM

Benjamin Maggay, former mayor of Cervantes, notices that whenever their farmers use chemicals, they develop lung problems two to three days after

DEMO. Local authorities demonstrate how organic farming methods are done. Photo by Kaya Natin! Movement

Small nations, big lessons

Oct 08, 2017 - 3:00 PM

Being ambitious is not a bad thing. Small in geography need not mean 'small-country mentality and policies.'

Save and share: The key to affordable organic produce

Sep 12, 2017 - 6:00 PM

For Kai Farms' Karla Delgado, organic doesn't have to be expensive

NO PLASTIC. Seedlings are sprouted in banana leaf pots, which can be planted directly into the soil, or removed for roots to spread out. Photo by Audrey N. Carpio

Agriculture chief: Organic farming not for everyone

Jul 27, 2016 - 3:30 PM

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol says the market demand should dictate which farming method farmers in different areas can use

SUSTAINABILITY. Farmers are the poorest sector of the country, second to fishermen. Based on recent data by the Philippine Statistics Authority, farmers recorded a poverty incidence of 38%

Dear President Duterte: What future awaits farmers?

May 23, 2016 - 1:10 PM

An expatriate asks about the future of farmers and organic agriculture in the Philippines

Photo by Patrick Taylor / Hybrid

Organic farming thrives in Isabela

May 04, 2016 - 5:20 PM

Training in organic farming in Isabela helps farmers like Mang Kikoy recover from disasters and other calamities

ORGANIC FARMING. Rice and corn farmers like Mang Kikoy shift to organic farming after knowing that chemicals harm the environment. Photo from FSSI

Erap: Allow vegetable gardens of poor on your land

Nov 18, 2015 - 4:47 PM

The Manila mayor encourages the rich and landed residents to let poor families use their perimeter walls as vertical vegetable gardens to help solve the problem of hunger

Japanese technology boosts organic farming in Benguet

Mar 15, 2015 - 5:25 PM

Mokusaku developed in Japan is now being used in Benguet to combat the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals

The mokusaku plant. Image courtesy of Japan Agricultural Exchange Council

EcoWEB: Helping Mindanao farmers rise from conflict

Mar 10, 2015 - 6:27 PM

How has one social enterprise helped Mindanao farmers produce more and rise above their vulnerability to conflict?

WOKING TOGETHER. Individuals from the civil society of Nunungan gather to participate and discuss the government’s poverty reduction program. Photo from the EcoWEB Facebook page

Women and organic farming: Ending hunger one garden at a time

Mar 08, 2015 - 12:15 PM

Women have a big role in ending hunger not just in their families but also in the community

Bahay Kubo Organics: Bringing farming to the city

Feb 28, 2015 - 10:39 PM

The goal of the group is to bring aquaponics to places that need it most: places where you thought it was impossible to grow anything in

MUTUAL BENEFIT. The fish waste gives nutrients to the plants and the plants filter out the water for the fish to swim in. Photo by Dindin Reyes

Former rebels take up organic farming in Negros Occidental

May 19, 2014 - 4:09 PM

Negros Occidental s first Army Wellness Farm is designed to ensure food security and generate basic income for former rebels threatened witnesses army personnel and displaced civilians in the hinterlands

GREEN SOLUTION. Negros Occidental's first Army Wellness farm is designed to ensure food security, and generate basic income and sustainability for former rebels, threatened witnesses, army personnel, and displaced civilians in the hinterlands. Photo by Ava Patricia Avila

Haiyan aftermath: Martina's story

May 16, 2014 - 7:59 AM

After her organic farm of 30 years was destroyed by super typhoon Haiyan Martina Rayna used her resources to generate jobs and money for her 28 employees This is her story

Pimentel files criminal charges vs 4 DA officials

May 13, 2014 - 3:21 PM

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III will ask the Ombudsman and the Commission on Audit to to check for other possible cases of forgery in the use of the organic farming fund

Organic farming: The answer to food insecurity in Yolanda-hit areas

May 04, 2014 - 9:30 AM

Eulita Dumpay and her family struggle to make ends meet when Super Typhoon Yolanda destroyed their only source of livelihood – coconut farming

MOTIVATED. Eulita Dumpay is determined to cultivate the land with vegetables to sustain their family’s needs. She says she will use organic fertilizers while they are waiting to plant new coconut trees. All photos by Leoniza Morales.

Teaching ways to fight hunger

May 03, 2014 - 8:30 AM

Agriculturists help improve the hunger situation in a small town by teaching in the local high school in Pangasinan

Sign leading to the organic farm of Agno National High School

Davao City goes green, supports organic farming

Mar 15, 2014 - 2:27 PM

Davao City supports organic farming in promoting good health among families Is your city also going green?

ORGANIC. Farmers in Davao are encouraging Filipino families to start their own organic vegetable gardens. It is both budget-friendly and health. All photos by Karlos Manlupig

SEARICE: Promote indigenous technology, not GMOs

Oct 21, 2013 - 2:39 PM

An NGO says farmers have enough indigenous technology to sustain our food needs

WORLD FOOD DAY EVENT. SEARICE's seed fair and organic tiangge at the Church of the Risen Lord in UP Diliman. Photo by Karen Liao/Rappler

Alcala to organic farmers: Reimburse your certification

Oct 19, 2013 - 7:47 PM

Third party certification will allow organic farming practitioners to participate in international trade

REIMBURSE. If producers worry of the steep cost of third-party certification, they can apply to reimburse with the Department of Agriculture. File photo by AFP

Why being good to our food is good for us

Jan 30, 2013 - 5:40 PM

When chickens and pigs grow at a natural pace and environment they are healthier

HAPPY CHICKS. Some farms treat their livestock cruelly, some keep them happy. All photos from the Costales Nature Farm Facebook page