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Pentagon: China military exercises will 'further destabilize' South China Sea

Jul 03, 2020 - 9:12 AM

Washington rejects Beijing's territorial claim to much of the South China Sea, including the Paracels

PARACEL ISLANDS. An aerial view of Qilianyu islands in the Paracel chain, which China considers part of Hainan province on August 10, 2018. File photo by AFP

Pentagon surplus handouts stoke the militarization of U.S. police

Jun 16, 2020 - 11:18 AM

Camouflage uniforms and combat gear, heavily armored anti-mine vehicles, and high-powered assault weapons – they aren't there by accident

Tear gas rises above as protesters face off with police during a demonstration outside the White House over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police in Washington, DC, on May 31, 2020. - Thousands of National Guard troops patrolled major US cities after five consecutive nights of protests over racism and police brutality that boiled over into arson and looting, sending shock waves through the country. The death Monday of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of police in Minneapolis ignited this latest wave of outrage in the US over law enforcement's repeated use of lethal force against African Americans -- this one like others before captured on cellphone video. (Photo by Samuel Corum / AFP)

Trump to address West Point amid tensions with Pentagon

Jun 13, 2020 - 11:57 AM

The event is clearly important to Trump, who wants to be seen as a tough leader as he battles for reelection in November against Democrat Joe Biden, who Trump labels 'weak'

DONALD TRUMP. U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on his way to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on May 14, 2020 in Washington, DC. File photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP

Amid protests, Pentagon squirms under pressure to do Trump's political bidding

Jun 03, 2020 - 8:49 AM

'America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy,' says retired General Martin Dempsey

GAS. Tear gas rises above as protesters face off with police during a demonstration outside the White House over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police in Washington, DC, on May 31, 2020. Photo by Samuel Corum/AFP

Pentagon releases 'UFO' videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots

Apr 28, 2020 - 11:44 PM

The grainy black and white footage had previously been leaked and the Navy had acknowledged they were Navy videos

'UFOS.' The Pentagon has officially released 3 videos taken by US Navy pilots showing mid-air encounters with what appear to be UFOs. Courtesy of US Department of Defense

Pentagon downplays Iran military satellite as 'tumbling webcam'

Apr 28, 2020 - 10:43 AM

'#spaceishard," the head of the US Space Command tweets

THE NOUR. An Iranian military satellite,“ dubbed the Nour, which the Revolutionary Guards said on April 22, 2020 was launched from the Qassed two-stage launcher in the Markazi desert, a vast expanse in Iran's central plateau, amid tensions with US. Photo by Sepah News/AFP

Pentagon says successfully tested hypersonic missile

Mar 20, 2020 - 11:14 PM

The Pentagon says a test missile flew at hypersonic speeds – more than 5 times the speed of sound, or Mach 5 – to a designated impact point

PENTAGON. In this file photo taken on August 25, 2013, The Pentagon is seen from the air over Washington, DC. File photo by Saul Loeb/AFP

Pentagon downplays new Taliban attacks

Mar 05, 2020 - 10:11 AM

'There's no high profile attacks, there's no suicide bombers, there's no vehicle-borne suicide, no attack against the US forces, no attack against the coalition,' says General Mark Milley

DISCUSSION. Members of the Taliban delegation gather ahead of the signing ceremony with the United States in the Qatari capital Doha, on February 29, 2020. Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/AFP

Pentagon shifts $3.8 billion to Mexico border wall construction

Feb 14, 2020 - 10:35 AM

The move takes to $9.9 billion the total the Pentagon has been forced by President Donald Trump to reallocate to the barrier, after Congress repeatedly blocked funding

THE WALL. In this file photo taken on March 13, 2018 US President Donald Trump inspects border wall prototypes with Chief Patrol Agent Rodney S. Scott in San Diego, California. Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP

Pentagon contradicts Trump, says attacking Iran cultural sites would be war crime

Jan 07, 2020 - 11:38 AM

Trump tweets the US would attack sites 'very high level and important to Iran and the Iranian culture'

ANCIENT GRANDEUR. An Iranian family look at the 'Gate of All Nations' at the ancient Persian city of Persepolis near Shiraz in southern Iran on September 26, 2014. Behrouz Mehri/AFP

Amazon says 'bias' in Pentagon awarding $10-B contract to Microsoft

Nov 15, 2019 - 12:27 PM

'It's critical for our country that the government and its elected leaders administer procurements objectively and in a manner that is free from political influence,' a spokesperson for Amazon Web Services says

PENTAGON. This undated US Department of Defense (DoD) image shows an aerial view of the Pentagon in Washington, DC. File photo by US Department of Defense/Handout/AFP

Pentagon releases video, photos of Baghdadi raid

Oct 31, 2019 - 8:54 AM

The US Defense Department releases a grainy black-and-white footage of troops approaching on foot the high-walled compound in northwestern Syria where Baghdadi was holed up

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 30: U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, speaks as a picture of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is seen during a press briefing October 30, 2019 at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Gen. McKenzie and Hoffman spoke to the media to provide an update on the special operations raid that targeted former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Idlib Province, Syria. Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP AFP

No Syria-type pullout planned for Afghanistan – Pentagon chief

Oct 21, 2019 - 9:33 PM

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper also hints that some sort of residual US force might remain in Syria to protect oil fields, but stresses no decision has been taken

MARK ESPER. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper holds a media briefing at the Pentagon August 28, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia. File photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP

Greenland isn't for sale but it is increasingly valuable

Aug 17, 2019 - 4:53 PM

Greenland has untapped natural resources like oil, minerals and valuable rare earth elements that China, the United States and other major tech economies covet

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1225402828  Icebergs in Greenland By Sune Falk Otterstroem / shutterstock

U.S.-South Korea military exercises still on despite North's warnings

Aug 01, 2019 - 7:29 AM

Despite North Korea saying its missile launches are a 'solemn warning to the South Korean warmongers', a Pentagon official says there is 'no adjustment or change in plans'

A South Korean K2 tank fires during a live fire demonstration for a media preview of the Defense Expo Korea 2018 at Seungjin Fire Training Field in Pocheon, 65 kms northeast of Seoul, on September 11, 2018. The defence exhibition specialising in land forces equipment will run from September 12 to 16 with 250 companies from 30 countries involved. Jung Yeon-je / AFP

Xi Jinping broke promise on South China Sea, says top U.S. general

May 30, 2019 - 12:04 PM

General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, says Chinese President Xi Jinping reneged on promises not to militarize the South China Sea

BETTER TIMES.  File photo of General Joseph Dunford (left), the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, and China's President Xi Jinping during a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on August 17, 2017. Photo by Andy Wong/AFP

[ANALYSIS] Huawei and the Shangri-La Dialogue

May 30, 2019 - 9:33 AM

The Pentagon sets its eyes on Beijing in a new Indo-Pacific security strategy that is expected to be unveiled at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, which begins Friday, May 31

U.S. lawmakers challenge Pentagon diversion of $1 billion for border wall

Mar 27, 2019 - 10:36 AM

Less than one day after acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan authorizes moving the funds from existing Defense Department projects to border construction, the US House Armed Services Committee says it is not permitted

Picture of a section of the US-Mexico border fence seen from Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on February 5, 2019. - United States President Donald Trump, is expected to talk on border security tonight during his State of the Union. (Photo by GUILLERMO ARIAS / AFP)

Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Trump's border wall

Mar 26, 2019 - 10:42 AM

(3rd UPDATE) The White House lays out a 2020 budget proposal which contains $8.6 billion in new wall funding, above the $5.7 billion Trump sought for this year

BORDER WALL. In this file photo taken on March 13, 2018 US President Donald Trump inspects border wall prototypes with Chief Patrol Agent Rodney S. Scott in San Diego, California. File photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP

ISIS loss affirms Pentagon plan, but end game vague as U.S. pulls out

Mar 23, 2019 - 3:41 PM

But ISIS still has thousands of battle-hardened fighters across several countries, and questions loom over whether the group's territorial loss can be parlayed into an enduring defeat

Civilians evacuated from the Islamic State (IS) group's embattled holdout of Baghouz wait at a screening area held by the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, on March 5, 2019. - Kurdish-led forces launched a final assault Friday on the last pocket held by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria, their spokesman said. The "operation to clear the last remaining pocket of ISIS has just started", Mustefa Bali, the spokesman of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, said in a statement using an acronym for the jihadist group. (Photo by Bulent KILIC / AFP)

Acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan meets Afghan president in Kabul

Feb 11, 2019 - 3:04 PM

(3rd UPDATE) Shanahan meets General Scott Miller, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, before visiting Camp Morehead where Americans train Afghan special force

ARRIVING IN AFGHANISTAN. Acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan (front 2nd R) arrives in Kabul on February 11, 2019. Photo by Sylvie Lanteaume/AFP

U.S. extends troop deployment at Mexico border

Jan 15, 2019 - 1:15 PM

The unusual deployment was supposed to end in mid-December, but the Department of Homeland Security asked that it be extended until January, a date which is now further prolonged

WATCHFUL. A soldier from the Kentucky-based 19th Engineer Battalion looks across the Rio Grande River from Laredo, Texas, into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where a group of people hang out on the river bank on November 17, 2018. File photo by Thomas Watkins/AFP

Shanahan takes Pentagon helm as Trump blasts Mattis

Jan 03, 2019 - 4:35 PM

'I'm not happy with what [Mattis has] done in Afghanistan and I shouldn't be happy,' says US President Donald Trump

NEW CHIEF. Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan arrives at the Pentagon for the first time in his official capacity, on January 2, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

Satellite images show activity at North Korean missile base – CNN

Dec 06, 2018 - 11:09 AM

According to CNN, Pyongyang has upgraded the Yeongjeo-dong missile base in North Korea's mountainous interior and has built up another facility that has not previously been publicly identified

Thousands of U.S. troops head for southern border

Oct 30, 2018 - 9:24 AM

The move represents a massive military buildup along the border, where some 2,000 National Guardsmen are already working to provide assistance to overwhelmed authorities

BORDER. US riot police officers take part in a border security drill at the US-Mexico international bridge, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on October 29, 2018. Photo by Herika Martinez/AFP

Pentagon to send about 800 troops to US-Mexico border

Oct 26, 2018 - 1:57 PM

The move comes as thousands of Central American migrants are crossing Mexico toward the United States in a slow-moving caravan.

CARAVAN. Honduran migrants take part in a new caravan heading to the US with Honduran and Guatemalan national flags in Quezaltepeque, Chiquimula, Guatemala on October 22, 2018. Photo by ORLANDO ESTRADA/AFP

Man arrested for sending suspicious packages to Pentagon

Oct 04, 2018 - 8:52 PM

The Pentagon's mail screening facility intercepts at least two packages – addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Navy chief Admiral John Richardson – that authorities suspect to have contained ricin

HAZMAT. US Defense Department personnel, wearing protective suits, screen mail as it arrives at a facility near the Pentagon in Washington, DC on October 2, 2018. Photo by Thomas Watkins/AFP

Defense chiefs of Philippines, U.S. tackle ISIS in Pentagon meet

Sep 19, 2018 - 6:13 PM

The two defense chiefs – Delfin Lorenzana of the Philippines and James Mattis of the United States – discuss 'combating ISIS and other violent extremist networks'

DEFENSE CHIEFS. Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana meets with US Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon on September 18, 2018. Photo by Lia Macadangdang/Philippine embassy in Washington DC

Admiral who blasted Trump steps down from Pentagon body

Sep 14, 2018 - 1:26 PM

Admiral William McRaven, who supervised the 2014 Special Forces raid in Pakistan that killed Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama Bin Laden, has resigned last month from the Defense Innovation Board

STEPPING DOWN. In this file photo taken on March 11, 2014, Commander of US Special Operations Command, Admiral William H. McRaven (R), and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict, Michael D. Lumpkin (L) testify before the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities at the US Capitol in Washington. File photo by Jim Watson/AFP

China rejects 'irresponsible' Pentagon report on bombers

Aug 18, 2018 - 8:21 PM

Beijing's military development was defensive in nature and intended to safeguard its territorial integrity, says foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang

Chinese bombers likely training for U.S. strikes – Pentagon

Aug 17, 2018 - 11:05 AM

A Pentagon report says the People's Liberation Army may demonstrate the 'capability to strike US and allied forces and military bases in the western Pacific Ocean, including Guam'

Tech titans jostle for Pentagon's 'JEDI' cloud contract

Jul 27, 2018 - 4:35 PM

JEDI stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure

PENTAGON. An aerial view of the Pentagon in Washington, DC. File photo by US Department of Defense/Handout/AFP

North Korea begins dismantling rocket test site – analysts

Jul 24, 2018 - 9:22 AM

(UPDATED) If confirmed, the analysis by respected US-based website 38 North could signal a step forward after the landmark summit between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump

SOHAE. This undated picture released by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on March 19, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (R) inspecting the ground jet test of a newly developed high-thrust engine at the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground in North Korea. AFP PHOTO/KCNA VIA KNS

Xi Jinping, U.S. defense chief meet amid troubled security relations

Jun 27, 2018 - 8:18 PM

US Defense Secretary James Mattis, visiting Beijing to take the measure of China's global security ambitions, especially in the South China Sea, tells Xi Jinping he wants to keep the bilateral military relationship on an even keel and find areas to cooperate

MIGHTY CHINA. File photo of China's President Xi Jinping at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on June 21, 2018. Photo by Fred Dufour/Pool/AFP

U.S., Chinese defense chiefs talk cooperation despite tensions

Jun 27, 2018 - 3:45 PM

US Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to meet President Xi Jinping late Wednesday, June 27, after talks with other senior officials. His 4-day trip to Asia will include visits to regional allies Seoul and Tokyo.

FIRST VISIT. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis arrives at a hotel in Beijing on June 26, 2018. Photo by Wang Zhao/AFP

Google rules out using artificial intelligence for weapons

Jun 08, 2018 - 10:38 AM

The tech giant will not be renewing its contract with the Pentagon

AI. "Han the Robot" waits on stage before a discussion about the future of humanity in a demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI) by Hanson Robotics at the RISE Technology Conference in Hong Kong on July 12, 2017. Photo for illustration purposes only. File photo by Isaac Lawrence/AFP

Pentagon warns Syria's Assad against attacking Kurdish-led forces

Jun 01, 2018 - 1:25 PM

Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie's remarks come after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Russian broadcaster RT he would not hesitate to use force to retake the 3rd of the country held by the Syrian Democratic Forces

Taliban, Afghan officials in ceasefire talks – U.S. general

May 31, 2018 - 2:02 PM

'A lot of the diplomatic activity and dialogue is occurring off the stage, and it's occurring at multiple levels,' General John Nicholson says in a teleconference with reporters at the Pentagon

China rejects US military claims of laser attacks on pilots

May 04, 2018 - 7:43 PM

Beijing, which operates a naval base in the Horn of Africa country, denies Pentagon accusations that Chinese personnel have targeted US pilots with the beams

BLINDED. File photo of a

Military vehicles to roll through Washington in parade

Mar 10, 2018 - 11:53 AM

The idea for a parade appears to have been rekindled when the president visited Paris for Bastille Day in July and made no secret of his awe for the pomp and ceremony of the occasion

MILITARY. Members of the U.S. military march down Pennsylvania Ave. during an inaugural parade rehearsal on January 15, 2017 in Washington, DC. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

Iran says U.S. nuclear policy brings world 'closer to annihilation'

Feb 04, 2018 - 5:37 PM

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's comments come a day after the Pentagon revealed plans to revamp its nuclear arsenal

POLICY. Iran Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari talks with Belgian Foreign minister before their meeting at the Palais Egmont in Brussels on January 11, 2018. Photo by John Thys/AFP

Mattis wants to keep pressure on North Korea

Jan 27, 2018 - 10:58 AM

'Diplomacy should repose reason on Kim's reckless rhetoric and dangerous provocations,' says Pentagon chief Jim Mattis

PENTAGON CHIEF. In this file photo, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis arrives on Capitol Hill, October 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. File photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP

'The Post': a Hollywood ode to journalism

Dec 20, 2017 - 12:37 PM

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks star in 'The Post,' a movie about how 'The Washingon Post' published the Pentagon Papers

U.S. Defense Department admits funding secret UFO-hunting program

Dec 18, 2017 - 6:18 PM

A New York Times reports says the so-called Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program operated from 2007 to 2012 and had $22 million a year budget

Pentagon chief says U.S. admin backs Tillerson's North Korea effort

Oct 04, 2017 - 7:50 AM

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis tries to clear up doubts about the US administration's North Korea strategy, backing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's effort to find a diplomatic solution to the nuclear stand-off

In this file photo, US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis(L) and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson conduct a press conference on June 21, 2017, at the US Department of State in Washington, DC. Paul J Richards/APF

Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

Aug 09, 2017 - 6:58 AM

UPDATED Trump: North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen

STERN WARNING. US President Donald Trump speaks about North Korea at a meeting with administration officials on the opioid addiction crisis at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 8, 2017. Nicholas Kamm/AFP

Anti-ISIS operations enter 4th year

Aug 08, 2017 - 8:03 AM

In the 3 years since the campaign began 70 of the territory ISIS once held in Iraq has been recaptured and 50 in Syria

BATTLE VS ISIS. In this file photo, an Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter fires at Islamic State (ISIS) militant positions, from his position on the top of Mount Zardak, a strategic point about 25 km east of Mosul on September 9, 2014. JM Lopez/AFP

Trump bans transgender people from U.S. military

Jul 26, 2017 - 9:26 PM

UPDATED The announcement serves as a stunning reversal of an Obama era policy and leaves unanswered a slew of questions including whether transgender personnel currently serving may soon face getting booted from the military

TRUMP. This file photo taken on February 3, 2017 shows US President Donald Trump speaking with reporters on board Air Force One before departing from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, bound for Palm Beach, Florida. File photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP

WATCH: Inside Super Pop Con 2017

Jul 08, 2017 - 4:01 PM

Seven emerging K Pop acts perform for fans in Manila including the first Filipina K Pop idol Kriesha Tiu

BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT. The boys from B.A.P do the heart fingers for fans as the close the show at the Super Popcorn 2017, a gathering of K-Pop’s rising stars. Photo from

China’s navy targets building bases overseas – Pentagon

Jul 01, 2017 - 7:30 PM

The Pentagon cites cases in 2016 of China using its intelligence services and employing other illicit technologies controlled equipment and other materials

DEFENSE BUILD-UP. The Chinese guided missile destroyer PLANS Qingdao joins over 40 other warships from around the world to celebrate the centenary of the Australian Navy in Sydney on October 5, 2013. Photo from Shutterstock