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Mad Magazine's clout may have faded, but its ethos matters more than ever before

May 19, 2018 - 9:30 AM

As strange as it sounds, I believe the 'usual gang of idiots' that produced Mad was performing a vital public service, teaching adolescents that they shouldn’t believe everything they read in their textbooks or saw on TV

MAD. Mad skewered those who mindlessly supported the people who controlled the levers of power. Image from Jasperdo CC BY-NC-SA

Charlie Hebdo: French satirical newspaper high on jihadist hitlist

Jan 08, 2015 - 11:48 AM

While Charlie Hebdo s uncompromising stance against censorship won many supporters in Europe the January 7 attack demonstrates that its staff may have underestimated the scale of the danger

CONTROVERSIAL PHOTO. Some news organizations decided to blur the magazine cover in this photo. Charlie Hebdo's slain publisher known as Charb, uses his cell phone as he shows a special edition of French satirical magazine on November 2, 2011 in Paris. The cover features a cartoon of a grinning, bearded figure, saying: ‘100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!’ File photo by Alexander Klein/AFP