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Trump nixes idea of renaming U.S. bases honoring Confederate heroes

Jun 11, 2020 - 5:47 PM

10 bases honoring generals from the secessionist South, which lost the Civil War and its struggle to preserve slavery, are in the spotlight

Fort Bragg, NC / US - May 20, 2020: Iron Mike Statue Commemorating Airborne Troops Throughout History Shutterstock.com

U.S. scrambles to stem anger as Trump faces backlash for violent crackdown

Jun 03, 2020 - 2:03 PM

Protests have been held in cities across the country, mostly peaceful but many descending into mayhem as night falls, with both activists and officials blaming rabble-rousers, and thousands arrested

A man with an upsidedown US flag walks during a demonstration for the end of police brutaity in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina on June 2, 2020. US President Donald Trump said June 2, 2020, that he was now looking for a state to host the Republican National Convention later this summer, after North Carolina said it could not do so as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Charlotte was the designated city to hold the Republican convention from August 24 until August 27. Logan Cyrus / AFP