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[Two Pronged] Virginity and uncertainty

Mar 26, 2017 - 4:24 PM

I have to find out what really happened that night whether Jamey put his thing in me or not But he said he would respect me So I don’t think he did

[Two Pronged] Am I still a virgin?

Mar 19, 2017 - 8:49 PM

My mother told me men just want one thing from a woman and once they get that they leave her Is this why he is behaving this way?

[Two Pronged] I'm into 'golden showers'

Aug 11, 2016 - 8:54 PM

Our Two Pronged duo answers the questions of one man who says he needs to urinate on women to get turned on

[Two Pronged] 'Neglected' husband says wife has changed

Jan 03, 2016 - 4:50 PM

I am also not sexually happy anymore writes Not So Happy Husband

[Two Pronged] Is it infidelity?

Dec 20, 2015 - 11:58 AM

He insisted that it is not cheating unless you have sex with that other person writes Pat

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