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Cebu has most reported HIV cases in Central Visayas

Oct 08, 2019 - 9:24 AM

Cebu province records 69 cases of HIV infection during the month of May alone and a total of 333 infections from January to May

HEALTH RISK. Cebu is the top city with the highest rate of HIV prevalence in the country. Photo of the City Health Department by David Lozada/ Rappler

WHO alarmed at STD spread in the era of dating apps

Jun 07, 2019 - 10:35 AM

The World Health Organization says in a fresh report that every day globally there are more than one million new cases of treatable sexually transmitted diseases or infections

Self-lubricating latex could boost condom use – study

Oct 17, 2018 - 2:41 PM

Because the material has yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the liquid-loving latex has yet to be tested during intercourse

China HIV/AIDS cases surge by 14%

Sep 30, 2018 - 7:30 AM

More than 40,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are reported in the second quarter alone

After Duterte’s remarks, PopCom reminds public condoms prevent HIV

Feb 19, 2018 - 7:37 PM

Commission on Population chief Juan Antonio Perez III says condoms are 'the preferred method' to prevent sexually transmitted diseases

[DASH of SAS] Gonorrhea making a comeback

Jul 21, 2017 - 2:00 PM

Gonorrhea is showing resistance to older and cheaper form of antibiotics – making it harder and in some cases impossible to treat

Orgies and Tinder: Millennials are having a lot of sex, some with a deadly price

Jul 01, 2017 - 8:27 PM

An old virus has new victims: HIV is now infecting the youth faster than any other age group due in part to technology and unsafe sex

WHO urges shift in STD treatment due to antibiotic resistance

Aug 31, 2016 - 6:22 AM

Globally more than one million people contract a sexually transmitted disease STD or infection STI every day WHO says

[Dash of SAS] Bring back our girls

Apr 30, 2016 - 4:30 PM

Some of the girls manage to escape some of the men and boys too Some are rescued Many find that they are no longer welcome in their villages

BRING THEM BACK. In this file photo, Kenyan activists hold up placards in front of the Nigerian High Commission, during a demonstration to protest against kidnapping of Nigerian school girls by Nigeria's Islamist militant group Boko Haram, in Nairobi, Kenya, 15 May 2014. Dai Kurokawa/EPA

PODCAST: HIV-shaming

Dec 29, 2015 - 3:00 PM

In this podcast an HIV positive person talks about how we can form a welcoming accepting environment for people at risk for HIV

#PugadBaboy: Choose your STD

Sep 28, 2015 - 5:00 AM

Iloilo tops in HIV cases, Bacolod 2nd in W. Visayas

May 08, 2015 - 2:23 PM

DOH 6 says that the most vulnerable are the youth from 15 to 24 years old and young professionals from 25 to 35 years old

DASH of SAS: Let's talk about genital warts

Apr 22, 2014 - 9:12 PM

Globally there are more than 1 7 million cases of genital warts among males and females

Reproductive health education crucial for youth post-disaster

Feb 16, 2014 - 2:47 PM

Adolescents and youth in disaster hit areas are most vulnerable to sexual abuse transactional sex and risky sexual behaviors

PROTECTION. The youth of Tanauan, Leyte find refuge in an open space where they can learn about reproductive health. Photo by Save the Children

Mr Condom on mainstreaming HIV awareness

Dec 05, 2013 - 9:11 PM

How did the Thai government prevent an exploding HIV epidemic in the 90s?

HIV, AIDS cases breach 1,000 in Q1

May 01, 2013 - 5:36 PM

Despite a global decline reports of HIV and AIDS in the country are increasing

HIV AND AIDS. The DOH said more than 1,000 cases of HIV or AIDS in the Philippines was reported within the first quarter of 2013.

Why go for an HIV test?

Dec 12, 2012 - 3:03 PM

The steady increase in new cases needs to be addressed and here I advocate for and explain an important tool in the fight against HIV: testing and counseling

Boy infected by mom dies of AIDS

Mar 07, 2012 - 4:33 PM

A 7 year old boy who got infected with HIV while still in his mother s womb died of the AIDS virus in January 2012

'PH should spend more on AIDS prevention'

Feb 23, 2012 - 6:40 PM

The Philippine government s budget for programs to prevent HIV AIDS is not enough to reach populations that are most at risk