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DSWD urges other gov't agencies to help save homeless families

Dec 20, 2016 - 3:25 PM

There are more than 12 000 families out in the streets of Metro Manila alone

COLLECTIVE ACTION. DSWD urges different government agencies to come together to address the problem of the growing population of families in the streets. Rappler file photo

After APEC, Estrada urges permanent solution for street dwellers

Nov 23, 2015 - 6:23 PM

This comes after reports that the government hid the homeless in preparation for the APEC summit

FOR THE FAMILIES. Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada visits families in San Andres, Manila. The city mayor is calling for a more permanent solution to the homeless problem. Photo from the camp of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada

‘Rescue operations’ for street kids done regularly – Manila gov’t

Nov 11, 2015 - 4:44 PM

So far 141 kids have been taken off the streets this week says a Manila city official

Homeless won't be forced out of Manila streets during APEC – DSWD

Nov 10, 2015 - 4:26 PM

Instead authorities are urging street families to stay with relatives or friends or in alternative family homes offered by the DSWD for the duration of the international event

DSWD: No plan to hide Manila street families during APEC

Oct 10, 2015 - 5:49 PM

The claims are made by groups which recalled the alleged sudden disappearance of street families during the papal visit in January this year

NOT TRUE. Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman denies claims that homeless families will be hidden during the APEC in November. File photo by Ben Nabong/Rappler

Those people

Apr 19, 2015 - 4:42 PM

What compels you to stop look and care for others?

Street families speak up on DSWD Batangas trip

Jan 27, 2015 - 7:57 PM

Some participants of the family camp attend the Senate inquiry presenting two sides

DSWD spends P4.8M on street families' Batangas trip

Jan 27, 2015 - 5:15 PM

DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano Soliman during a Senate committee hearing defends her department s decision to take street families to out of town trips called family camps

Hidden from the Pope?: Netizens, DSWD speak up on #streetkids

Jan 22, 2015 - 11:52 AM

Discussion on the disappearance of street families in Manila during the papal visit

Conversation: Were #streetkids hidden from Pope Francis?

Jan 21, 2015 - 4:00 PM

Join us at 5pm today January 21 Share your thoughts and suggestions using the hashtag streetkids or tag our offical Twitter accounts @moveph and @rapplerdotcom

Were street families hidden from the Pope?

Jan 21, 2015 - 8:00 AM

About 400 individuals from street families under the DSWD s MCCT program in Malate are brought to a resort in Nasugbu Batangas during the papal visit

CHILDREN. Pope Francis meeting children at an event in Manila on January 16, 2015. Photo from Osservatore Romano/AFP

The invisible kids of the streets

Dec 19, 2014 - 4:28 PM

Street children with disabilities Ever thought of them?

LOVE. Children staying at Virlanie's Aime Home enjoying a round of videoke during their Christmas party. All photos by Fritzie Rodriguez/Rappler

Manila gives in to citizens' call to protect street kids

Nov 12, 2014 - 4:43 PM

A photo of a nearly lifeless street kid sparks outrage online and prompts the Manila Mayor to take action but will he keep his promise?

'Frederico' found home: Join the Nov 10 peaceful day of action

Nov 02, 2014 - 9:26 AM

The Fredericos of our country are waiting they have been waiting for a long time See you on November 10 peaceful day of action

Home street home

Nov 01, 2014 - 9:10 AM

The number of Metro Manila’s street families increases by 139 in the past 3 years