#ThewRap: Videos you need to watch this week, March 6-12, 2017

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Dear Rappler reader,

Do I stay or do I go? It's been a week of rejections, affirmations, appointments and yes, graduations.

The powerful Commission on Appointments rejected Perfecto Yasay as foreign affairs chief after it was revealed he lied about his US citizenship.

There's Gina Lopez, now teetering on the brink, with 23 parties signifying opposition to her appointment as environment secretary. The President himself is unwavering in his support.

But it was a joy-filled weekend for graduates of the Philippine Military Academy, and especially one woman who overcame the odds to become the valedictorian.

Below are the videos we think you shouldn't miss.

Duterte belatedly acknowledges Robredo at PMA 2017 graduation

President Rodrigo Duterte stopped in the middle of his prepared speech at the PMA graduation, Sunday, to apologize to Vice President Leni Robredo, who was not included in the list of people the President recognized at the start of his speech. The oversight was apparently made by the President's speech writer. The event also saw a break in protocol, wth the President and Vice President not sitting next to each other. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana sat between them. Malacañang's protocol office made the arrangements.

PMA's woman valedictorian on beating the odds

"I almost failed in everything physical in my first two months," Rovi Martinez, PMA valedictorian of Salaknib Class of 2017 said of her first months in the military school. She's only the second woman cadet to top a PMA class.

Underclassmen 'get even' with graduating PMA cadets

Underclassmen of the PMA symbolically get back at graduating cadets Saturday morning. The graduating cadets were tickled, punched lightly, and thrown into the pool by their juniors. The class sets itself apart for having 8 women in the Top 10.

Duterte warns of martial law in Mindanao if violence escalates

President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Thursday that he will be “forced” to declare martial law in Mindanao if violence in the region worsens. The return of martial law in the Philippines would be a “traumatic” experience, he admitted, but said this would be necessary.

New foreign affairs chief a son of diplomats

Enrique Manalo, the Philippines' new top diplomat, is the son of two ambassadors. He said the best lesson he learned from his parents is a healthy respect for diverse opinions. He added, that's where finding common ground starts.

Duterte supports Gina Lopez

President Duterte gives his support to embattled Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, as she faced tough opposition in the Commisison on Appointments this week. He said that even if mining contributes "P70 billion" to the government coffers, "we can live without it... Let's not kid ourselves. Let's just get other means of livelihood." In the video above, she tells one startled CA member, "Tell your brother he killed a mountain."

Robredo:'Difficult time for women' under Duterte admin

Vice President Leni Robredo thinks the country has slid back to being accepting of mysogyny and bigotry. She said, "Before this administration started, I felt we were already doing good strides as far as gender and equality is concerned." Robredo told Rappler's Maria Ressa in an interview on the celebration of the International Women's Day on Wednesday, March 8.

DICT chief: Enough with spectrum frequency hoarding

In a speech at the PH Telco Summit Thursday, DICT chief Rodolfo Salalima says firmly: Enough with spectrum frequency hoarding. He also said there is no need for a public auction for surrendered and recalled spectrum frequencies.

Commission on Appointments reject Yasay as foreign secretary

The Commission on Appointments rejected the appointment of Perfecto Yasay Jr as Philippine foreign secretary on Wednesday after he denied being a US citizen once. Senator Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the CA foreign affairs committee, said Yasay's rejection was final. Based on CA rules, President Duterte can no longer reappoint Yasay.

KC Concepcion pays tribute to her nanny

As the world celebrated International Women's Day, KC Concepcion shone the spotlight on her childhood nanny, Nanay Lina, by paying her a touching tribute. She said, "Nanay, thank you so much for all your love... your unconditional love and service to our family."

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