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During the campaign period, President Duterte promised to stamp out corruption in government "in 3 to 6 months." He also said he will crusade against corrupt officials, even threatening to "skin them alive."

It would seem that he is making good of this promise when he fired several government officials, including his close associates, for alleged corruption.

"Not even a whiff or whisper," he said, will be tolerated.

The scandal connecting the President's son, Paolo "Pulong" Duterte, to one of the biggest shabu shipments recorded in the history of the Bureau of Customs already goes beyond a whiff or a whisper, this week's #AnimatED points out.

The President's response? Give me an affidavit. Were Peter Laviña, Ismael Sueno and Maia Valdez given the same opportunity? What about the thousands who were killed in the pursuit of the administration's war against drugs?

We ask these questions as we bring you today's top news.

CIA chief says 'nothing imminent' in U.S.-North Korea standoff

'There's nothing imminent today. But make no mistake about it ... the increased chance that there will be a nuclear missile in Denver is a very serious threat,' says CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Duterte seeks P4.2B to double Customs workforce

Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto says the proposed hiring of more than 3,000 employees could be crucial in boosting the Bureau of Customs' performance.

Globe launches $250-million SEA-U.S. undersea cable system

This provides a link between Davao and the US, and is Globe's first direct connection to America via Guam, Hawaii, and California.

White House defends Trump's response to Virginia violence

But Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer blames US President Donald Trump for creating an atmosphere of 'coarseness, cynicism, [and] bullying' in America.

CHR: Use of drop boxes in drug war increases risk of mistaken arrest

The Commission on Human Rights hopes the government will reexamine its anti-drug campaign and adopt a human rights-based approach.

Japan economy posts longest expansion in over a decade

The growth in Japan's GDP – 4.0% at an annualized rate – blew past market expectations for a 0.6% rise, and was well up from a 0.4% expansion in the first quarter.

How Duterte gov't plans to bring OFWs back home

The labor department banks on the millions of jobs that 'Dutertenomics' will generate, and on the improved reintegration program for returning OFWs.

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