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The week started with a bang as heads of states who flew in over the weekend attend the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, which is being hosted by the Philippines. For the full blow-by-blow on that go to Rappler’s special page. Some issues were resolved in the sidelines of ASEAN, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it’s now "theoretically possible" to get back Canada trash dumped in the Philippines. Trudeau and Duterte got along well and even did a press conference together, until the Canadian head mentioned human rights as a concern. The Philippine president told media all about it and said it was “an official insult.” All in all, it was not all talk and handshakes during the summit, light moments peppered the diplomacy-filled event, especially with President Duterte and US President Donald Trump hitting it off. A lot of credit goes to the police force which enforced law and order and ensured the security of the heads of states. ASEAN ended with a little downer, when officials were forced to cancel a concert due to overcrowding and people fainting.

The rest of the week saw the return to normalcy after classes and work resumed post-ASEAN, only to be torn by shocking news of a woman losing her arm in an accident in one of the metro trains.

For this Sunday, watch this inspiring video of a craftsman who did not let the fact that he has no hands get in the way of his creativity.

Below are the big stories we think you shouldn't miss.

Trudeau says ‘now theoretically possible to get back’ Canada trash in PH

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says they are still ironing out certain details like who should bear the financial responsibility for taking back the trash, shipped to the Philippines by a Canadian company

Duterte says Trudeau raising EJKs 'an official insult'

(UPDATED) When asked about Trudeau's comment, Duterte says: 'I said I will not explain. It is a personal and official insult. That’s why you hear me throwing out curses and epithets.'

WATCH: Light moments at the 31st ASEAN Summit

Trump and Medvedev's handshake bloopers, Trudeau and his screaming fans, Duterte's duet with Pilita Corrales, and more!

IN PHOTOS: Where police stayed during the ASEAN Summit

Rappler takes a look at the place where more than a thousand cops from outside Metro Manila stayed during the ASEAN Summit

ASEAN Music Festival canceled as people faint from overcrowding

(5th UPDATE) Makati police chief Senior Superintendent Gerardo Umayao says the event was canceled because 'people began passing out'

Doctors reattach severed arm of woman in MRT accident

Transportation Undersecretary Cesar Chavez says Angeline Fernando's arm has been successfully reattached to her body

How to buy products of craftsman born with no hands

If you buy one of his miniature tricycles, 'you are also helping others,' says Andy Villaruel, the Dumaguete craftsman born with no hands

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