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Duterte: God is ‘stupid’, Sereno on Midas Marquez and Bongbong Marcos' ambitions










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President Rodrigo Duterte levels up in his tirades against the Catholic Church as he curses and calls God "stupid" for the concept of "original sin" in the Bible's creation story. And we thought cursing the Pope was the lowest blow.

History teacher Leloy Cladio talks to De La Salle University president Brother Armin Luistro and Jesuit theology professor Father Albert Alejo about the challenges the Church is facing in the time of Duterte and social media.

The legal counsel of the primary suspect in the killing of priest Richmond Nilo presents CCTV footage that shows Adell Milan was in his hometown and not at the scene of the crime.

The Philippine National Police says it arrested 3,000 tambays in Metro Manila. The campaign's lethal potential was brought to public attention when a so-called loiterer, Tisoy Argoncillo, was arrested and died under police custody.

She may no longer be the Chief Justice, but Maria Lourdes Sereno, the feisty ousted chief of the Supreme Court, talks as she has never done before about disbarment, Midas Marquez and Justice Marvic Leonen.

Here's a peek into one of the most important interviews in the judiciary: the Judicial and Bar Council interviews that will draw up the shortlist for the next members of the Supreme Court. Some say it's funny and a welcome respite from the serious talk, while some say it's distinguished by its descent into the vapid and inconsequential.

The deposed son of Ferdinand Marcos, Bongbong, makes waves abroad in an interview with Financial Times as he admits what everyone suspects: that he wants to become President of the Philippines someday.

And for a respite from all the dreary politicking, here's 'Respeto' from Live Jam's band this week, Gracenote.

Below are the videos you shouldn't miss.

Duterte blasts Bible creation story: 'Who is this stupid God?'

After ranting about the Catholic Church, the President now has a beef with the concept of 'original sin' in the Genesis creation story

Basagan ng Trip with Leloy Claudio: Catholic faith responses to political crisis

How should the Church respond to the unique challenges it is now confronting in the time of Duterte and social media?

CCTV footage shows arrested suspect in Fr Nilo slay far from crime scene

The family and lawyer of Adell Milan present CCTV footage showing the primary suspect in the murder of Fr Richmond Nilo in another town less than an hour before the priest is killed

Rappler Talk: Sereno on disbarment, Midas Marquez, Justice Leonen and not having regrets

'As long as you have a good conscience, you did your best, that should be enough,' says Maria Lourdes Sereno

Funny questions during the JBC interviews

70-year-old retired judge and Judicial and Bar Council member Toribio Ilao gets questions from 'the Twitter' and asks a candidate why he is sporting a moustache

Bongbong Marcos eyes return to Malacañang as Philippine president

The son of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos says he aspires to gain the highest position in Philippine politics, but says the presidency is 'not something that I wake up in the morning and plan on'

Gracenote performs 'Respeto' on Rappler Live Jam

As the band's members note, love isn't always enough

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